Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Bully

Sarah has been bullied since school started this year, all by the one boy and no matter how many times we have complained, or she has complained nothing is ever done. Its really gotten to the most unbearable stage where because no teachers will deal with the boy he just continues to do it and while some teachers tell him to stop it, sadly there is one or two teachers that just act as if theydidn't hear it.

I have had some issues with the school for a while, in particular the principal and art teacher. In fact it had become such an issue I have spent most of the last three weeks trying to find a new school.

The principal has also been teaching Yr 8 maths this year and due to other commitments hasn't always made it to the class, not a problem if its just once or twice a year but once or twice a week and more recently for a two week period is just not on in my opinion. I should add that the kids don't get a replacement teacher they simply DONT do maths that day/week.

The Art teacher is really on a different planet and her outburst in the art class this week cemented my decision to remove the girls from the school. I do understand that the kids are probably damn frustrating and look I'm certainly not going to say I could do a better job BUT I could certainly refrain from telling a 14 year old boy - and I quote 'You are a cocksucker and I feel like punching you in the face'

How in the world are children meant to be nurtured and educated in that type of environment. For what its worth I have lodged a formal complaint with the Education Department.

So the hunt for a better school became a necessity not just a possibility. We are a bit limited on choices but in the end I decided to go with a private Christian School. I met with the principal today and viewed the school and was soon convinced that this was the best place for the girls it just felt 'right'.

So now that I have signed away my finances for the next ten years and added to the bill an amazing amount of money for uniforms, I am still glad we have done it.

The girls will start on the 18th of June, so stay tuned for those gorgeous first day photos!


Jacq said...

OMG trudi, as a teacher I was horrifed to see what the art teacher said... who would say that to a child!!!

Looking forward to the girls new school pics, I am a big believer in just finding the right school for you. If it means missing out on takeaway once a week then it is worth it in the long run

I hope the transition is a smooth one for you all
Jacq xxx

Trudi said...

Thanks Jacq,
I thought it was pretty awful and just couldnt send the girls there anymore. I'd rather eat 2 minute noodles for the next ten years then leave them exposed to that sort of rubbish.

Rachael said...

WOW! I can understand how hard it must be teaching teenagers, but surely there are some boundries that you just don't cross (that comment being one of them you'd think.) Makes you wonder why they choose that profession to begin with, or stay in it if they aren't cut out for it. Looks like it will all turn out for the best in the long run , sounds like you've found the school they can thrive in. Good luck girls!

Brissiemum2 said...

Wow! Well, IMO that teacher should be reported. That is unaceptable language on anyone's scale.

Sounds like you are doing the right thing Trudi and so glad you have found a new school.

And've signed your life away. You'll be out selling fundraising raffle tickets in no time, too! Baaahaaa!

T said...

Everything is crossed for the girls starting at the new school. Can't wait for the photos :)

Christine said...

I am still horified at the behaviour of someone that is supposed to be looking after, guiding and nurturing our kids!

I am sure the girls will take to the new school really quickly - can't wait to see the photos!