Thursday, October 30, 2008

Having Girls Is Hard Work

And I am sure it is for boys as well BUT....

At the moment I am finding being a mum to girls is especially hard work, especially to my beautiful gorgeous teen girl who is larger then life and completely ripping my heart out each and every second these days.

How can someone that appears so grown-up and so sure of herself and what she wants be so completely vulnerable in the very next breath?

How as parents, do we hold them together until these 'tough years' are over?

Is being there and talking and talking, then talking some more and being there and just loving them really enough?

I honestly don't know because I didn't have any 'parenting' at 15, I was actually already a parent by then (and believe me that sounds crazy now).

How do I know that what I am doing and saying is actually making a difference, how do I know that SHE KNOWS I am here?

Am I tripping over and avoiding my own 'parents mistakes' so much that I am just creating new mistakes?

I would really really like to go back to the turmoil of whether I really need those four Fred Bare butterfly dresses for Xmas :D

Thanks for listening, not expecting answers, just knowing that others think my thoughts sometimes is enough.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ain't She Cute

Emily has a spot obsession, everything MUST be spotty or dotty, the crazier the better.

We bought up big on Gymboree' Lots Of Dots Collection, searched high and low for some Spotty Shoes, and here she is in her much adored spotty hat and scarf, of course she DOES have mittens to match!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dear Blog....

Do you miss me? I think I miss you.

I have been so busy, seriously busy!

I have also been a little slack for the last month and haven't lost any more weight. That's really a bit naughty isn't it.

Good thing though is I haven't put back on any of the weight I lost!

Time to re-dress you I think blog, you are looking a little tired and old.

Stay tuned.