The Cavaliers In My Life

In 2009 we moved into our newly built house and it was time to fufill a promise to Miss Jessica.

Her own dog.

Seems simple enough doesn't it, find a dog that will suit your life-style, buy it, train it, love it.

What I didn't know was that when I found the dog was that I would find a  breed that to me was like no other, I didn't know that I would find myself falling totally and utterly in love with the breed.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

I found a great breeder and haven't looked back!

Here is my first baby "Cavalrite Swash Buckle"

Buckle is now one year old and an absolute joy to have in our life's.  He has added another dimension to our family that is difficult to explain.  The total and utter devotion that he has for all of "his" people is just a wonder to watch.  We could of course do without his rather LOUD snoring at night but frequent prodding usually gets him to reposition and be quiet for a while.

Deciding that one would never be enough when Buckle was a few months old, I waited for the right baby to come along and little "Cavalrite Adventure Boots" recently joined our family - it is actually like she has always been here.  Tiny and sassy, she is as quiet as a mouse but as adventurous as a lioness! 

So Mr Buckle meets Miss Boots.

Puppies?  Yes I think that is certainly on the cards in a year or two.

Sooooo are you taking me for a walk?

You talking to me?

I think I love him!