Monday, November 3, 2008

What to do with $2 Eggs

Free range eggs for $2 a dozen is a rare treat these days. It seems everything has gone through the roof at the supermarket. I picked these up on super special with a 'use quickly' time frame.

So I cooked muffins, racks and racks of sweet and savoury muffins - yum!

We will be taking muffins for lunch every day this week and no we probably won't get sick of them because they are yummo!

Started of with banana muffins and then sultana muffins followed by some bacon, cheese and corn muffins!

All in all 50 muffins which bought at the supermarket would have cost around $62.50 (average price $1.25).

With our $2 eggs and other home brand delights we have managed to make stacks of muffins for around $18.00 or .36c per muffin!

Basic muffin mix:

2 cups SR flour
2 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup canola oil
1/4 cup sugar

The beauty of muffins is you can actually just toss it all in give it a quick mix and voila! I am a very 'rough' cook and toss in bits and pieces to see what I end up with.

The above recipe will make 6-8 medium/large muffins depending on what you add - fruit/savoury etc. Or for smaller children make bite sized muffins they are really good too!

For our first batch we added 2 mashed over-ripe bananas (yes those ones that would normally hit the bin!). A sprinkle of rolled oats over the top of each muffin before popping in the oven gives it that professional muffin finish.

Next batch we added a cup of sultana's, you can add more or less, depends on your personal taste, for my girls there is NEVER too many sultana's.

Finally I did some savoury muffins, a couple of handful's of diced bacon, 1/2 cup or so of defrosted frozen corn and 1/2 cup grated cheese.

I usually buy bacon already diced from the deli section of the supermarket as its usually cheaper than buying rashers and chopping it your self. Also, I always grate my own cheese straight from the block as it is a lot cheaper. For savoury muffins you can use your imagination to add extras if you want, I quite like some chopped sun dried tomatoes added to the mix. A sprinkling of grated cheese to the top of your muffin before popping in the oven is a must as well.

We are living in an ancient rental at the moment while waiting for our house to be built and the oven truly leaves a lot to be desired - think old electric with shonky fan! And I can still make muffins! I cooked ours at 200c for around 12 minutes each.

Photo taken mid cook - we have wayyyy more muffins than this!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Having Girls Is Hard Work

And I am sure it is for boys as well BUT....

At the moment I am finding being a mum to girls is especially hard work, especially to my beautiful gorgeous teen girl who is larger then life and completely ripping my heart out each and every second these days.

How can someone that appears so grown-up and so sure of herself and what she wants be so completely vulnerable in the very next breath?

How as parents, do we hold them together until these 'tough years' are over?

Is being there and talking and talking, then talking some more and being there and just loving them really enough?

I honestly don't know because I didn't have any 'parenting' at 15, I was actually already a parent by then (and believe me that sounds crazy now).

How do I know that what I am doing and saying is actually making a difference, how do I know that SHE KNOWS I am here?

Am I tripping over and avoiding my own 'parents mistakes' so much that I am just creating new mistakes?

I would really really like to go back to the turmoil of whether I really need those four Fred Bare butterfly dresses for Xmas :D

Thanks for listening, not expecting answers, just knowing that others think my thoughts sometimes is enough.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ain't She Cute

Emily has a spot obsession, everything MUST be spotty or dotty, the crazier the better.

We bought up big on Gymboree' Lots Of Dots Collection, searched high and low for some Spotty Shoes, and here she is in her much adored spotty hat and scarf, of course she DOES have mittens to match!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dear Blog....

Do you miss me? I think I miss you.

I have been so busy, seriously busy!

I have also been a little slack for the last month and haven't lost any more weight. That's really a bit naughty isn't it.

Good thing though is I haven't put back on any of the weight I lost!

Time to re-dress you I think blog, you are looking a little tired and old.

Stay tuned.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Lost 9.4Kgs

And I need to remember these numbers. I should do pictures soon too I guess.

I can feel the 9.4kgs is gone, some of my clothes don't fit and for once that is a good thing, playing netball and running is a whole lot easier and if I do go to Maccas for lunch or something, then I make up for it later in the day without guilt.

14/6/08 119.0
20/6/08 118.1
27/6/08 116.0
04/7/08 116.0
10/7/08 113.3
17/7/08 113.0
28/7/08 112.9
09/8/08 112.6
15/8/08 111.3
22/8/08 110.0
29/8/08 109.4

Hacked Paypal, Gmail, Computer

Some low life, gotta get a life, type of person has compromised my computer, hacked my gmail account, stolen money via my Paypal account and generally pissed me off and caused a whole lotta work for me.

I woke up the other morning and went to read some emails, but wait - AVAST is flashing bright red saying it is turned off, and I couldn't turn it back on. A little confused and lacking any real caffeine in my still half asleep state, I opened up my Incredimail email folder and the first thing I see is.......

Dear Trudi Davidson,

Your payment for $700.00 USD to has been initiated. This payment will be completed once the recipient has accepted the payment.

It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in the Recent Activity list on your Account Overview.

Currency Conversion: $840.27 AUD = $700.00 USD
The exchange rate for this purchase is 1 AUD = 0.833070USD

Payment Details

Amount: $700.00 USD

Transaction ID: 24T94578AY0148250

Subject: You've got a payment

So I think - oh no way its one of those fake emails right.................

Wrong, I can't download any new emails??? Go online to check out Gmail and it doesn't recognise my password.

Start to feel a little agitated at this stage and scream for more coffee (sorry girls) while dialing the bank to freeze my account.

Greeted by a recorded message..........Our business hours are.......yada yada yada

Breathe Breathe Breathe


Phone Paypal
Email Gmail from another account
Phone bank as soon as they open

Eventually, some three or four hours later I have managed to install new internet security, unlink my debit card from my savings, get a paypal investigation underway, regain control of my gmail account and have changed every single password I have.

But I still feel a little uneasy.

I have I know, always taken my Internet security for granted and this experience has rattled me.

Friday, August 15, 2008

A new song and 1kg gone...

Thats what I have for today.

I have a million pictures to upload from our trip away, hopefully Saturday night.

For now I am going to race through the shower, slap on my face, and run to work.

Oh I have started listing again - slowly but surely!

Please buy the Dora or Hi Five Pjs someone they are SOOOOO cheap!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Let me tell you

That 100 grams means everything.

It means I am still trying and thats what counts.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mama Mia

If you haven't seen this movie yet then GO GO GO!

It was brilliant.

And I am not telling you ANYTHING about it.

Go and see it and then tell me what you think!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Living in the past

Is a really bad place to be.

It makes you forget about what is important right here and now.

The contemplation of the 'would have's' the 'could have's' and the 'should have's'

What do you do when you are part of a pair with one half moving forward and the other half stodgily rigid, clinging to the 'would have's' the 'could have's' and the 'should have's'.

When one half is surging forward and looking for the light, clasping at each small glimmer while the other half is yanking from just below refusing to look up toward the possibilities of now rather than the memories of then.

Do you cut the tie and move bravely forward?

Do you wait and hope that the shining light becomes so unavoidable that the other half lets go of all that is holding them back and starts working harder and faster towards the glimmers with you?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

I am just so busy at the moment! Every day it seems there is something new added to the calendar!

I am of to Hobart this afternoon for work, back tomorrow night, then Launceston all day Sunday for netball.

NEXT week I only have three days at work then a couple of flex days, the girls and I are heading of on a mini holiday - YAY!!!

We are visiting Island View Spa Cottage

I think it looks gorgeous!

The weight loss is still happening - 5.7kg gone which I think is pretty good.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Quote of The Day

Character is what you have left when you've lost everything you can lose.
- Evan Esar

Not sure I agree 100%.

I think that character is what you discover when you think you've lost everything you can lose

Sunday, June 29, 2008


I always think of the twins looking like each other and Emily and Sarah looking like each other. Poor Danielle just looks like me! This picture of Sarah and Samantha reminds me however that the four of them do actually look a lot like sisters!

I have been going through a few old pictures trying to make them look pretty enough for a snapfish album. Might make a nice gift................for me!

Friday, June 27, 2008

My little girls

It is a natural progression really that as Sarah gets older she spends more time with friends and her own interests just as Danielle did, which leaves me with my little girls on our own quite a bit these days.

I am increasingly aware of how little time I have left in my 'full-time' mum role so try to do as many fun things with them as I can.

Simple things like watching a movie, going for a walk or more elaborate excursions. This is a recent one to the monkeys in Launceston. Just candid shots I haven't cut n polished any of them (because I don't know how and don't have time).

These are also my recent 'fat' photos. Hmmm not a good look, but a 2.1kg loss this week has me on my way to slimdomville.


And as always the end of the day looks a little like this......


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Calling Girls That Wear Dresses

I need help. The last time I wore a dress was sometime in 1999, I think I was pregnant at the time and it may have been a tent impersonating a dress.

Now I am on the 'loose weight by 40' I need a dress to aim for. Not just any dress, this has to be a lump in the throat, catch your breath 'perfect dress'.

Lets think size 12/14 because that is where I will be. Help me out puleeezzzz, post some links to 'the dress' for me.

Price is NOT an issue here, it just has to be 'the dress' the one that will hang up in my room and remind me each day just why I am eating 30gms off Special K and a 1/2 glass of no fat milk for breakfast. Why my new hobby is searching for the lowest points meals, and trying to consider excercise a part of my day instead of that vague weekly annoyance.

The 'dress' will be my goal.

Emma - I think 900 grams is the ideal weight loss for a week anything between 500-1000gm is good stuff! And the teen terror has been slowly improving.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Just a little bit maybe about 'The Monster In My House' post which was you know only five days ago.

Well the monster is still here.

Someone has taken my usually nice, considerate fun loving teen and turned her into an arguing 'I don't care about anything' REAL teenager.

Yes Yes, laugh at me, I have had it easy up until now, and I have a feeling that we are in for some tough times, testing of boundaries and that sort of thing.

I guess it would be wrong if I moved out and came back in a few years? Oh wait, make that several years so the others are all 'over' it as well!

The weight loss thing is happening. I changed my weigh in day from Sunday to Friday as it is easier for me, and was pleasantly surprised to record a 900gm loss after 5 days.

The weekend stretches out ahead of me and I am so happy to have next to nothing to do, a new book, some shopping, maybe a bit of cleaning - BLISS....

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The monster in my house


AKA Sarah Bear who looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth


Oh my goodness some days it is like banging your head against 4x4 with a know it all teen in the house.

The old 'when she is good she is very very good and when she is bad she is rotten' seems very apt for your average teen.

At the moment she is holed up in her room, Ipod firmly in place refusing to get up and go shopping for some much needed school shoes (school starts tommorrow).


Because she had an arguement with Miss 11 and in her opinion I did not deal with it adequately.

What I did was actually do exactly what she asked me to last time something like this occured and in typical teen fashion it still wasn't good enough.

What she hasn't considered is that my foot is the same size as hers so I can go and get her shoes without her.

Its also very quiet with her on self imposed bedroom exile.

Hmmm seems to me that the only person Miss 15 is punishing is herself.

Back on Track

Yes of course I am.

I have joined weight watchers online and am working slowly (aka baby steps) to loose a bit of weight and become healthier. You know there just comes a time (aka age) when we have to do these things.

Now I said I would give up smoking by the age of 30 and here we are at age 36 with six smoke free years behind me so I CAN achieve things when I want.

So how does slimmer and more sensible with food by 40 sound as a goal.

I will of course take some great before and along the way shots which I may even share at a later date. For now you will need to be satisfied with the dream.........


This is a pretty good replica of where I am at the moment although it doesn't quite display the cellulots clearly(we surpassed cellulite sometime ago). It also is a bit light on the double chin issue.


And this is the potential change after 50kgs!

Hmmm pretty cool really isn't it.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

This is a good idea

For all those online surveys you do, or all that internet shopping, set up your own storefront to earn extra $$$ doing what you do everyday anyway.

Now I was thinking of aiming high for that muchly needed home loan deposit but the girls are more interested in a family holiday!

I can even earn a bit more by buying my normal lotto ticket - good deal!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gotcha Dad

Dear old Dad has had his four little angels for this first week of the school holidays, they have been to the movies and fishing, all the fun stuff!

On the way home from the movies the three youngest start bickering in the car and dear old dad says 'Oh girls pleases stop it my head is full up'.

Miss 11 replies with 'Well Dad, we really haven't been that bad today so truth be told it doesn't take a lot to fill up your head does it'.

Hehehehe Gotcha Dad!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Do you ever regret

Opening your big fat mouth to say something jokingly and it happens minutes later?

We had lots of little dramas at work this morning, the car park was covered in mulch from overnight flooding, several roof leaks causing some damage and no hot water!!!

Fancy a bunch of public servants with no coffee at 8am.

As our office whiz fix it all Mr Miraculous was leaving I said "I'll make sure and have a couple of catastrophe's ready for you in the morning" HA HA HA.

Well be very very careful what you say, not 5 minutes later someone says the photocopier/printer needs a new drum. Can't be too hard right, destruction's are right there.......................................

UM FUCK - it didn't go in properly and is now bloody jammed.

Sure hope Mr Miraculous sees the funny side!

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Wonders Of Family

Now those that know me know that my contact with my family is pretty non-existent. They are all quite dysfunctional and seeing as I consider MYSELF to be pretty dysfunctional on most of my good days anyway you can be rest assured that I really really REALLY mean these people are just plain crazy. (With the exception of Nana Pat and those that I haven't seen since I was like 10 - who knows you may be sane by now)

Well just when I thought I was destined to just me and mine up pops Marianne and Emilie.

Marianne is my sister who was adopted out before I was born and you guessed it Emilie is my niece.

I met Marianne about 12 years ago when I super sleuth (aka pushy bugger annoying everyone and anyone with the same surname as her adoptive family) tracked her down.

We met up and she even came to my wedding - my undercover wedding guest - that's right no one in my family knew she was there. Hehehehe I thought it was pretty funny actually, was probably bloody hard for poor Marianne but hey this was a quite a few years ago and we where much younger and sillier back then. (Ok we where younger)

To cut a long story short we did loose touch for a number of years and a couple of months ago I got a simple message on facebook.

'Was your maiden name Alps'

And there started our email relationship.

I was, and am still amazed at the incredible similarities we have despite our long separations through life.

Even better was to come however as last week Marianne and Emilie moved to Tasmania to be closer to her parents who retired to a nearby town a few years ago.

I spent yesterday afternoon with my sister and my niece and it was just amazing.

For me there has been no strange getting to know you guys phase, she is my sister and always will be, she is so strangely normal compared to the rest of our blood only relations that I feel like I have found a little piece of me that was missing.

Emilie is just the cutest little moppet you could ever hope to have for a niece, and even though it was the first time I had ever met her she stole a little piece of my heart yesterday and I am afraid it is lost to her forever.

They will be living in the same town as me and I am so excited that I find myself catching my breath and not being able to quite believe how amazing it will be to have a sister and a niece!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I am a little addict short and spout

I really do have a bit of an addictive personality you know. Today it is make up Mirenesse I am thrilled with the idea of FREE makeup even if I have to pay postage.

Now if you take up this offer and want more than one item do the transactions individually otherwise it charges extra.

Of course the free samples are fab and one would think that I could stop there BUT there is also the VIP club - ohhhhhhhh for S19.95 per month they will send me $1000 worth of makeup a year PLUS free postage on all other purchases PLUS other discounts!!!!

Gotta try that as well don't I. Go figure if it doesn't seem worth it I can opt out after a couple of months..........

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

For Emma

I know I am so far behind in the art of blogging I don't even know where to begin!

First of all my new position at work has me pretty busy, if its not keeping up with the ever changing requirements its the people management which is in a whole league of its own.

I work in a very politically correct envirement, we mind our ps and qs and dot our i's and cross our t's.

My husband works in a very 'boy' orientated completely un-politically correct enviroment. All the bosses are a bit like Gordon Ramsey.

It makes me giggle when he says it is quite common to hear someone say 'You lazy fucking bastard - what the fuck where you thinking?'

I on the other hand need to use a different tact 'how can we overcome this problem together', 'I'd like to help you address this, will you let me?'

Like chalk and cheese really.

Somedays I think the Gordon Ramsey method gets more results!

Off to Hobart for a couple of days to attend a Leadership Dialogue, I will be back!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day

I have five children and its mothers day.

I received one kiss and hug.

A text message.

And lots of arguements about getting the house tidy.

The joy of being a mum is that it is year round job, and a day, one day termed 'Mothers Day' is in fact all a marketing ploy.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Quirky Go Round

I have been tagged by Sue Jennings girls and all that jazz.

These are the rules:

Link the person who tagged you
Mention the rules on your blog
Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them
Leave a comment on each of the tagged bloggers blogs letting them know they have been tagged.

1. My weekday morning ritual is very OCD, I get up at the same time, have breakfast at the same time, get in the shower at the same time, I do everything on weekday mornings at exactly the same time, in the same order without fail. On weekends I am luck if I haul my butt outta bed before 9.

2. I will focus on one task/game/hobby for a period of time and then either forget it ever existed or recommence it several months later with a couple of weeks intensity until something else comes along to distract me.

3. I very rarely, if ever leave the house without makeup on - foundation, powder, mascara and gloss.

4. I refuse to wear mismatched underwear, if its not a set, its not on.

5. I have a crazy naked dance I do running from the bathroom to my bedroom some mornings, it totally cracks the twins and Emily up and completely horrifies Sarah, what can I say she IS 15.

6. I have difficulty with close relationships, to depend on anyone but myself is scary.

There thats about it, not very entertaining am I.

Now who to tag..........







Friday, April 18, 2008

Ok this is a little bit naf but the kids love it

Want your own google search page?

Go here: Google My Way

Type in the text you want to see as the logo for your Google MyWay and click “Make It.”

Then click on the “Go” button for your Google MyWay page.

Make it your homepage and start googling away.

This is ours:

Davidson Family

Thanks to Wifely Steps for this great idea!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

They change......not you....

I was curious when going into a management role as to what the transition would be like. After all going from 'one of the gang' to the boss is a big move.

And while of course I can't go into great detail I can say with 100% honesty that its the people around you that change and treat you differently.

You will notice it the first time you walk into a room and a conversation abruptly stops, or when the lunch invites dry up.

Apparently this is par of the course and the only ones that don't know about it are those that aren't in management.

I am often surprised to find that something actually surprises me!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tis the Season

To play netball. And play netball I did with full court time and zero injuries - YAY for me!

And it was also Sarah's first game playing Womans League, A Reserves despite an injury she played the full game and played very well.

Of course I am sure I will hardly be able to walk in the morning but that is the price you pay for 40 minutes of non stop exhaustion.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The things I know 1-10

Ten things I know

1. My children love me to the moon and back

2. My dreams only become reality with hard work

3. I worry far too much about what others think about me

4. My family is here and now not there and then

5. I am far too indulgent to ever be a size 10

6. My $30 eye cream isn't going to provide the miracle I want

7. I am slightly OCD in certain areas

8. I hate cigarette smoke so much it amazes me that I was ever a pack a day girl

9. My husband will never ever completely understand me, I think thats why he hangs around - for the challenge

10. I don't blog as much as I should

What are the ten things you know?

Go on try it on your blog and leave me a comment so I can have a look.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Oh Now There Is.....

A real market for these!


Don't you love it?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Right or Wrong I feel mad!

So Easter morning and all is dark at 6am when the girls get up (daylight savings please end!!!) They complete the required Easter Egg hunt and we are allowed to silently slip back into bed for a couple more hours of zzzz's (the benefit of OLDER children).

Before we go back to bed, I tell the girls to have cereal as normal and when I get up we will all have hot cross buns together.

Sam gets up earlier than I, nothing unusual about that.

When I get up I ask the girls to do a couple of minor chores (clean up cereal mess, pack up easter egg mess, all the normal) and then say well ok, lets get these hot cross buns cooking. And with that the girls start cooking them in the George Foreman Grill which I must add does the BEST hot cross bun!

Well DH Sam then says can you leave some for me? And I am like well I thought we where eating them all together as a family? And he is like I am going to do weights. And I am like, fine stop cooking them girls we will wait. And he is like, no don't be stupid they cant stop now and I am like fine cook yours girls and put the others away, and he gives a melodramtic sigh and says oh well I will have them know then and I am like don't bother wouldn't want to eat hot cross buns with you if there was only one hot cross bun left in the world, and he laughs at me and I am like don't laugh at me and he says your being ridiculous and I am like somedays I hate you so much.

Okay I acknowledge that there may be some level of PMTish style hormones speaking on my side of this conversation as Sam is so eager to point out BUT let me ask the two obvious questions:

WHY couldn't he have done his weights before I got up, why wait until the moment we start cooking the damn buns and then decide you are going to do them.

WHY argue with someone you believe is suffering from extreme PMT anyway?


Saturday, March 22, 2008


Oh where to start with this girl! Amazingly since she has been pregnant she has been quite level headed and dare I say 'normal'.

Also more suprisingly she acknowledges that prior to these amazing hormones running through her body that things certainly where not ok.

I have heard 'Your so right mum' on far too many occasions over the last month and to be honest its a little bit scary. Me? Right?

Aren't I really the meddlesome, troublesome annoying mother that knows nothing?

The pain in the butt mother that insists on a abnormally clean house and even cleaner grandchild?

Aren't I the one who doesn't know what I am talking about and clearly shouldn't have an opinion because it really is none of my business?

Hmmmmmmm a lot has happened in the last month.

I turned 36.

I finally conquered the job application/job interview process.

My eldest daughter finally says 'Your right mum'

Does it get any better than that????

Oh Bethany is walking by the way, yes the late bloomer has waited till the ripe old age of 14 months to get of her tooshy and toddle - VERY cute. Now she comes toddling up to me arms outstretched chanting 'Nan, Nan, Nan'

Yes heart melting stuff!

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Bit Blah

Yes I am very quiet. Feeling a bit funky and blah. On a bright note I dont go back to work till the 31st - yeah AND when I do go back I go back as Team Leader for three weeks - double YAY!

Next week I am of to Hobart for a couple of days, I have two days training in 'Effective Coaching' now that will be fun.

Fortunately one of my friends from work is coming with me, she is on holidays and planning to shop while I study and then party the night away, I am guessing I will be feeling pretty ordinary on Day 2 of the course.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And More Curious Quizzes

You Are Basil

You are quite popular and loved by post people.

You have a mild temperament, but your style is definitely distinctive.

You are sweet, attractive, and you often smell good.

What Your Shamrock Says About You

You are good at making decisions and getting things done. You don't procrastinate.

At times, people are put off by your ambition. You don't really take a lot of time to relax.

You don't really consider yourself a lucky person. In your view, people create their own luck.

You are creative, innovative, and complicated. You definitely have a unique spin on the world.

A bit of something to amuse

You Are a Dash

Your life is fast paced and varied. You are realistic, down to earth, and very honest.

You're often busy doing something interesting, and what you do changes quickly.

You have many facets to your personality, and you connect them together well.

You have a ton of interests. While some of them are a bit offbeat, they all tie together well.

You friends rely on you to bring novelty and excitement to their lives.

(And while you're the most interesting person they know, they can't help feeling like they don't know you well.)

You excel in: Anything to do with money

You get along best with: the Exclamation Point

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


From the gorgeous Therese.

I love this! Imagine only ONE person in the US with my name....who would have thought....
LogoThere is
person with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Love The New Doctor

Oh I have been busy! First of all I went to see a new Dr a few weeks ago, and to say he was sensational is an understatement. First of all he listened, just quietly listened, no interruptions, nu hurrying on, just quiet listening. And then he told me I wasn't going crazy (huge bonus right?!?!) I was most certainly suffering from PMDD ( Premenstrual dysphoric disorder )

Now the symptoms of PMDD are:

* feelings of sadness or despair
* feelings of tension or anxiety
* panic attacks
* mood swings, crying
* lasting irritability or anger that affects other people
* disinterest in daily activities and relationships
* trouble thinking or focusing
* tiredness or low energy
* food cravings or binge eating
* having trouble sleeping
* feeling out of control
* physical symptoms, such as bloating, breast tenderness, headaches, and joint or
muscle pain

Well I had nearly ALL of those which increased in intensity over the two week period leading up to my period and then vanished within 24 hours once my period started.

Crazy huh! Who can live like that?

So far this month I feel entirely normal, in fact I feel better than I have in YEARS.

Sure there is probably another 8-10 days or so for the medication to be tested but usually Id be a bit of a nut by now so fingers crossed.

I am taking 1000mg of Evening Primrose Oil three times a day AND 50mg of Zoloft from Day 14 of my cycle up to the start of my period only.

I can tell you the initial start on Zoloft was foul, strange brain crawly sensations and constant nausea - just revolting!

I also seem to be suffering from mild insomnia or maybe more an inability to get to sleep at night.

BUT my mood swings are non existent so far, Sam and the girls can really see a huge difference.


Monday, March 3, 2008

Job Interview

Well not really, more a promotional, expression of interest type of interview but it comes with all the same nervousness and the 'what ifs'

I have always struggled with job interviews, and my lack of confidence I am sure displays at the interview. No one was more than surprised than me when I got my dream job 18 months ago, and then through pure bluff and false bravado managed a temporary promotion within the first year.

Today I had an interview to be a relief on and off over the year for a position several levels higher than I currently work and much to my amusement the interview went really well.

I had no doubt when I walked out that I had done ok, there was nothing that I would change.

So I have done it, finally after some 18 years or so of applications and interviews I have MASTERED the process.

Now I probably wont get the job, in fact the chances of me doing so are very slim BUT I was happy with just being happy with it.

Monday, February 25, 2008

My Kitchen Window

Inspired by the gorgeous Lynda from Lulus Bay In Cairo, this post WAS meant to be done some time ago but being super busy of course it has taken me twice as long as usual to do it.

I am in good company however as These Days Of A Busy Mum must have decided this was the week for photos as well!

This is our first kitchen window, doesn't look out onto much except trees and the fence I guess, and looking through the fly screen gives it a rather unusual effect.

Our other kitchen window looks out over the top of our clothes line which we never use due to our rather cute 2 year old Labrador.

So WHAT is outside your kitchen window?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

On a lighter note.....

I really AM ok!
Sometimes I get into a bit of a funk and as much as I try to prevent my nearly 36 year old mind from digressing it, at times has a life all of its own, one in which I am the merely the puppet and the strings have a mind of their own.

But, at times, the digression and the release of writing about it, of seeing the raw truth on screen (whatever happened to paper)resolves my inner child and truly does provide me with peace.

The girls are going to church this morning, the three younger ones anyway, and that brings me back to a subject that was raised earlier this week - FAITH.

Do you have it or don't you?

As I explained, sometimes I truly do, sometimes I can see such a glimmer of goodness surrounding something, it's a little like looking through a Kaleidescope, that I do for a moment truly believe and feel immense inner peace that all is well.

At others, I will see or hear of such utter pain and suffering that I just can't have faith, how can I have faith and believe that the suffering and pain is for the better good of all?

What do you think?

DO you have faith or not?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dear Dad

I looked your phone number up tonight.

Every now and again I check, just to make sure you are still alive.

Sad............but true.

You know you have five granddaughters and a great grand daughter who you have never seen don't you?

Sad............but true.

You know Dad, when you dropped me off at my Grandmas for the weekend I REALLY did think you where coming back on Sunday............Sunday came 7 years later.

Sad............but true.

Sometimes when Grandma's partner was making me do things that no six year old should imagine I would cry for you.

Sad............but true.

You know all I wanted was a 'REAL' family don't you Daddy?

Sad......... ..but true.

Sometimes when you I was sitting on the front fence waiting for the police to come when I was 13 and you where smacking the crap out of my step-mum I wondered why I loved you, but you know I ALWAYS did.

Sad............but true.

You know the first time I tried to kill myself was because of you don't you Daddy?

Sad............but true.

How silly was I really, to let you lack of love dictate my life for so long?

Sad............but true.

Someday I will have the courage to dial that phone number even though I KNOW you will let me down again.

Sad............but true.

And That Was That!

Our last day in Sydney was spent by having breakfast at Darling Harbour. Much to our amusement a bird kept walking in the restaurant to steal scraps from the diners. When a diner started chasing the poor little thing with his umbrella, Sarah and I where mortified however I have since discovered that the birds are a regular problem and they certainly don't benefit from their morning ventures.

Lunch was spent at the Bondi Grill. Bondi Beach is a gala event, truly an amazing experience not to be missed.

Somewhere along the way Sarah took this picture, it is 'Santa and Rudolph' undercover on their summer vacation!

I LOVE it.

As Billie says it is truly hippy Santa who needs a bit of a scrub up before donning the red suit.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More On THAT Sydney Trip

So of course the most important part of our trip was shopping. Day one we headed of to Birkinhead Point.

I actually found the public transport pretty easy to navigate and Sarah picked it up that quickly she was soon telling me which direction to head in.

Quickly grabbing some great t-shirts for Sam I spent quite a while in the Pumpkin Patch Clearance store, pretty sure that wasn't there last time I visited. Sarah bought loads of those popular teen logo t-shirts for $3 a piece she was one happy girl.

We walked and walked (and complained about it), eventually it was time to stop for lunch. Well we where going to have a Kebab but the where lured in by a Crepe wrap.

Now this is one thing you certainly don't get in little old Tassie. Sarah had Chicken and Pineapple while I went for a more mexican version complete with sour cream.

The shop owner was a lovely guy and thought our interest was quite refreshing although maybe a touch crazy! I am hooked - glad they DON'T have them here because I am sure they aren't that good for you buy boy they are tasty!

First the crepe is placed on the hot plate, see how half has Sarah's topping and half has mine.


Once cooked it is folded over ready to eat! YUM!


And the best crepe cooker in Sydney!


After all that excitement we grabbed a bus back to the city and headed over to the Queen Victoria Building which is a shopping wonderland all of its on. Can you imagine the shock on Sarah's face when she realised Supre spanned five floors!!!

I picked up a t-shirt in XXS from Supre for Em, and was a tad disgusted when I got home to realise it was nearly too small for my bony nine year old.

Now of course the whole trip was planned with Sarahs 15th birthday in mind, so on the way back to the hotel we needed to locate a small cake.

85 degrees on George street was the prefect place to visit!

Mouth watering decadence at every turn, we settled for coffee and strawberry.


And of course no cake is complete without candles.


After a late afternoon nap the girl and headed of to see Juno, which was a fantastic movie!

Along the way we saw a homeless man sitting outside a pizza slice shop.

That was a first for Miss 15 and a bit of a shock that it is real life issue and not something that is just a tv fantasy.

I slipped $10 into his hand, which seemed inadequate, and he says 'god bless you love' I nearly cried, for I don't need the blessing, I am truly blessed already, my family, my friends, a good job, a safe home, my health. So I simply said 'No God bless you and keep you safe' and walked away close to tears.

Before our movie we went into an arcade style place and took some pictures in a photo booth together, much to our amusement we couldn't work out how to use the machine as it was all in Chinese.

After the movie, a quick stop by KFC on George Street which Sarah says is the most happening KFC she has ever seen, three floors complete with wide screen movie screens belting out the latest dance mix and a security guard to ensure no one steals your chicken!

A late night Sauna and Swim at the hotel rounded of a great day!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

That Sydney Trip

That I loved every second of has left me absolutely exhausted!

First there was the grand arrival - nice hotel:
Ummmm wrong state!

Yes our 8.40pm Jetstar flight from Launceston was canceled at 10pm. Never having had this happen before I was clueless but soon discovered that passengers 1-65 where guaranteed early morning direct flights to Sydney. Oops we where 70 and 71!!!

The rest of us got different offers, ours was transfers to the Mercure, overnight accommodation and then a Sydney flight the next afternoon via Melbourne.

Well an adventure is an adventure, what can I say? Miss 15 got to spend her birthday in THREE different states and we did eventually arrive in Sydney at about 6.30pm on the Friday night.

One small problem - the hotel we booked via Stand By Rateswas not actually booked! I kid you not! We had the confirmation number, deposit paid and they did not have our booking. Can you believe that?!?!?! AND they where booked out anyway - no room for us. Fortunately my great friend from work answered my SOS call and snappily arranged discounted accommodation for us at the Medina grand on Kent - whew!

Hungry and tired we headed of to George St for a bite to eat and thus began our Sydney adventure!

Stay tuned!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hitting The Big Smoke

Well its Miss 14s big 15th birthday tommorow and this year for whatever crazy reason I agreed to take her to Sydney for the weekend.

We have the flight booked, hotel booked and an itinery that is fun but not too crushing to the non-existant after xmas budget!

There are things I wanted to do that I couldn't fit in or afford but from Birkinhead Point to Luna Park, from Taronga Zoo to the Opera House we are going to fit in a lot over the next three days!

I am so looking forward to spending the three days with my crazy big little girl!

Who could not love her!



Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Goodbye Again Super Princess

I was reading Sheye's Blog the other day and marvelling at how she can openly share her story with so many.

I'm not sure that even Sheye understands what a gift to the world it has been, and continues to be.

All around the world people have been touched, and they stop, stop to consider and appreciate what otherwise may rush by in a blur of day to day life.

Sheye wrote the other day, how she awoke terrified with the realisation she would never see Ava again.

I have felt that terror, when you awake suddenly sure that something terrifyingly awful has happened, then slowly your heart stops racing, your breath evens out and you realise its ok it was just a dream.

For Sheye it isn't ok, its not just a dream and at times I am sure that it hurts to breathe, and for that I cry and remember how lucky I am.

As I lay in bed last night surrounded by my little girls I felt extremely blessed that we are all healthy, safe and well.

That is something I had often taken for granted. I don't anymore.

Now I stop to listen to stories I may have previously brushed aside, to listen to a silly song I may have only half heard before, to give a real hug not just a half 'I'm in a hurry hug', but the real hug where for just one moment nothing else matters and the world and its worries disappear.

And each and every day I say I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

Thank you Sheye, to you and your family for being able to share your incredible gift 'Ava - The Super Princess' with all of us, it means more than you may ever know.

Shine your love down on Mummy, Daddy and all of your family today sweet Ava for they miss you so very much.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ava Rosemeyer

To spare a thought, shed a tear, and light a candle for someone we hold so dear.

Twelve months ago little Super Princess Ava Rosemeyer went into the family car whether to hide, or search for lollies, who knows what was racing through her innocent three year old thoughts.

Her mummy thought she was with her beloved grandpa and her grandpa thought she was safely with her mummy.

When they discovered her not 30 minutes later she was raced to the hospital where they frantically tried to stabalise her.

Two days later, Ava passed away, the 5th February 2007.

Please light a candle at Ava Rosemeyer

And send the family all your love this week.

Visit Sheye's Blog and leave a message.

And if you are able, on the 5th of February please release a pink balloon in Ava's Memory.


Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hmmmm Clothes

Hi my name is Trudi and I am an addict.

I am addicted to gorgeous clothing for my daughters.

Yes thats me, can't wait for new seasons releases and pre-order before it hits the store.

I can spot a child in gorgeous clothing within a 1km radius and can usually state the designer to within 99% accuracy.

I feel ok about all of this because the habit developed when I gave up smoking six years or so ago.

Since then my husband has rolled his eyes daily as I have something new to buy or demand he look at my latest 'find'.

It certainly isn't cheaper than my smoking habit was it IS certainly better for my health.

Some of Emily's winter clothes for 2008 arrived today - Yes I DO know its January and hot but I don't want to miss out AND some of these items ARE already nearly sold out.

For gorgeous kids clothes have a look at Buckets And Spades, the gorgeous Zlata will be able to help you!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lessons Lessons Lessons

The wonderful thing about life is you continue to learn. Some good things, some bad. Some lessons are easy and some are hard.

The lessons I learn are usually the hard way.

I usually blame this on being blonde (dyed or not it is an excuse you can trust).

Here is my latest venture.

Picture if you can, me in my little Mitsubishi Colt AKA The Canary.

No its not a grand car, hell I try NOT to look at it too closely on the days I use it, its just my A to B and C ride.

Driving to do my groceries on Monday I was a little (ok little means clutching the steering wheel and saying fuck an awful lot)concerned to see the oil light come on.

Now I DO NOT do cars. I drive them - that is the extent of my relationship.

Hmmmm Oil.......I ponder this on the scenic drive, well Sam had just left that morning so he was no help for another five days.

I could pull in at a servo I suppose. Oh shit I am so not going to pull into a servo and look like a total twit about putting Oil in the car for christ sakes.

How hard can it be, you get oil you pour it in, I know where it goes after all sheeshhh.

Feeling slightly smug and imagining how impressed Sam is going to be with my new found car independence I get on with the important task of shopping AKA avoiding spiteful grannies ramming trolleys into my ankles because I got the last box of washing powder on this weeks super special.

Get to the oil aisle and HOLY FUCK there is a lot of oil on the market oh well it only for the canary, cheap is good.

Finish the shopping, pop oil in the car and drive home feeling pretty bloody good.

You know you can nearly hear Helen Reddy roaring 'I am Woman!!!!!

Not too long after I get home Sam rings.

Quite excited I say that I have put oil in the car.

Oh babe he says, that's great I actually forgot to do it, sorry - how much oil did you need'

Im thinking der what a daft question.

Only one bottle - yeah like Id cough up for more than one bottle for the canary right?

Sam's voice is somewhat quieter when he asks............

Babe what size bottle did you buy?

Oh the 5lt because it worked out cheaper, and just as well I say as the poor canary was obviously right out of oil because the light was on and everything I had to use the WHOLE bottle.

There is dead silence on the other end of the phone and then he starts laughing.

Laughing I tell you.

What is so funny?

Babe your car only needs 3 litres max, it sounds like you have overfilled it, don't drive it till I get home.

WTF are you talking about I say, if the car only takes 3 litres why did it let me put 5 litres in it, that is so stupid, and what do you mean I cant drive it??????

Babe you are meant to check the level on the dipstick add a little bit of oil and check it again.

WTF the whole car is a dipstick this is a bloody joke, clearly a man invented it because woman aren't quite so fucking stupid. If something is meant to take 3 fucking litres then it would be 3 litres in size - right? RIGHT!

Apparently wrong!

So take pity on me as I am carless until Friday.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

So how do you......

Manage to work full time and manage four children? How in the world do you manage to find time? These are questions I am often asked and generally I meet them with a bit of confusion as I don't think there is anything special about what I do.

So how DO you manage an evening meal when you work all day a friend at work asked me last week.

Well you keep it simple and you teach your kids to cook at a young age.

Each week we create a shopping list based on a set menu for the week, all of the meals are very easy to throw together in less than 30 minutes or they utilise the slow cooker.

This is just so important when I don't get home till 5.15pm and we have netball/dance/gym or swimming to attend.

As Sam is away with work this week it is a very kid friendly menu. If he was home it would no doubt be razzed up a bit, but he of course would be home to cook it!

This week its:

Monday - Roast Chicken, Chips and Salad
Tuesday - Curried Sausages, Creamy Mash and Steamed Vegies
Wednesday - Spaghetti Boloagnaise with a side salad & garlic bread
Thursday- Tuna Morney
Friday - Help Yourself Night
Saturday - Potato Bake and a side salad
Sunday - Taco's

We ALWAYS eat at the table during the week now, its an opportunity to catch up on the days events and spend some extra time together.

It also means food can be served in central plates/bowls for everyone to help themselves.

My girls are old enough to be sensible in their selections, although I do still need to urge Jessica to have a little more salad or veggies.

The twins at 10, are quite capable of preparing Tacos for dinner, or making the side salad. While Sarah at 14 will happily cook any of the meals on our menu this week.

Taco's or wrap nights are always a favourite!


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Australia Day!

<span class=

Yes its another Australia Day!

Time to reflect on just how damn lucky we are to live in this country.

To be honest I have never given much consideration to Australia Day, however this week I spent some time with a lady that sponsor's six children through World Vision.

I should add that she has been sponsoring six children at any given time for the last 15 years or so.

In Australia, even the lowest of income families can afford to put food on the table, clothe their children and see a doctor, sadly when these basic needs aren't met in Australia it is usually due to another underlying issue such as drugs, alcohol or gambling.

The children she sponsors wouldn't have access to any of these basic needs without her contributions.

I often take for granted just how lucky we are to live in Australia.

There are many people who stood for their Australian
citizenship today they may have come from countries where there are no freedoms and life is a struggle for survival each and every day.

I hope they find peace in their 'new' country.

Happy Australia Day.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Year, New Ebay

Yes yes, holidays are over and I am back.

Slowly adding things to the store, and I say slowly with a big emphasis on the slow.

I am hoping to be able to add more this weekend but who knows what will happen in this crazy little house of mine.

I do have some super cute Fifi and The Flowertots Winter Pj's in store now, and I would grab them if your little one loves Fifi because they are not going to last long.


Friday, January 18, 2008

Sarah's Netball

There was major excitement here just before Xmas when Sarah received a letter from Netball Tasmania saying she had been selected for a Regional Academy Scholarship

Click the link to read all about it and see her name (and others) up in lights!

The selection day was very long and involved hours of drills and games.

As the selectors where from TIS and Netball Australia, they didn't know any of the girls, so each and every one of the girls know they have been selected based on the natural skills ability and potential they displayed.

Its going to be a VERY busy and exciting year I think.

Not only will she have her Regional Academy commitments she will be playing school netball on Saturdays, Club Netball Monday and Wedensday not too mention she is the Netball Co-ordinater for Leighlands Christian School next year for one possibly two teams which will involve one night training and coaching on Saturdays.

I am exhausted just thinking about it all, and think it sounds an awful lot for your average nearly 15 year old to take on.

But she loves netball, it is her passion and I am forever grateful she has found, at such a young age, something that she truly loves and is committed to.

Over summer she has followed a sensible healthy eating plan and trained to improve her overall cardio fitness all by herself.

I of course have been watching like your typical neurotic mother to make sure she hasn't gone overboard, and can happily say she certainly hasn't, she is just being extremely healthy

I can barely haul my fat butt to the gym three days a week and have more bad days with food than I do good.

I am a little bit surprised by all of this because it can mean only one thing.

Maybe she gets this from her father?????

Is it possible that I really only gave her beauty and brains?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Friggin Fuck It's PMT

I am not very good with PMT.

I am the first to admit it and my long suffering husband is usually the first to notice it (though the der shit he is he actually thinks it is funny to annoy me at this sensitive time in my life).

You would think that somehow I could control this inner demon, but seriously I just can't by the time I realise I have been completely unreasonable, argumentative and a true bitch for three days or so the worst is over and I, once again, have become the loving mother and wife (hehe sort of anyway).

Clearly this means I may have exposed my children to a complete lack of control over hormones, which is probably fine if you don't have LOTS of girls.

As they get older it is becoming more and more apparent that they suffer from the same lack of control over these strange hormones that I do.

Or is it that they have had a dismal example to follow and think moaning, bitching, crying and sooking for three days a month is normal behaviour.

Whatever the answer it scares me.

What if because of this I can't marry them off?

What are the chances of finding FIVE dumb guys who don't notice until its to late, and they are already sucked in for life like my DH?

Monday, January 14, 2008


I am going slightly mad, crazy, mad.

Danielle is pregnant...........yes, baby number two, at the ripe old age of 20 to daddy number two.

I mean who does she think she is Fucking Britney Spears? (Sorry Brit I know it was just K Fed wasn't it, and I truly hope you do feel better soon.)

I think this eldest child of mine was delivered by a stork on freaking LSD clearly the stupid bird lost its way and gave me the wrong bundle.

Oh it was an a c c i d e n t mum, OMG PLEASE, just how many accidents do these young girls think we are going to believe?

Seeing as I went WITH HER and saw that 3 year implant go in the first time, and then there was no implant and Beth, leads me to believe my daughter believes I am seriously stoopid.

AND NOW we have baby number two on its way a year later?

Another a c c i d e n t ?????

I don't think so.

Mouth From The South

That is my Emily. You know after she was born I promised her I would look after her and make sure that as the youngest of five sisters that she didn't get overlooked.

Ha! I needn't of bothered, this girl came out with her arguments ready.

She has her hair tossing, door slamming indignant attitude finely tuned thank you very much.

Her super brat stare reduces her Dad to Jelly faster than me draining the savings account can.

Tonight they had an argument, I can't even really remember what started it, all I know is when miss nearly nine batted her baby blues and said:

' Well I DID say sorry Dad, and I think you REALLY must have heard me because I was right up close to your ear and everything'

I walked away with my smile firmly out of view lest I get into trouble.

I believe Emily has won another round because she is sitting up watching tv eating an ice block and poor Dad has gone to bed!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Disappointment in your child

PhotobucketDisappointment in your child is just a feeling of pain. It is a little like a catch of your breath a sinking sensation in your stomach and a head that seems to float around somewhere out of your reach.

You close your eyes and ears hoping that perhaps, just maybe, what they have told you isn't true.

When you realise it is true, I think the parenting part of your brain kicks into gear and you turn into this amazing (often not completely appreciated) tower of strength for them, you let them cry on your shoulder and wonder why you aren't the one crying.

You provide the most well balanced advice you can think of and do everything you can to love and support them through whatever difficulty has befallen them this time.

Quite often you may do this at the expense of your other children because you reason, quite certainly they will have their turn one day too and after all you would do just the same for them.

What happens when you have been through all of this not once, not twice, not even three times.

What if it just continues to happen?

What if its like a merry go round spinning crazily out of control. Its spinning so topsy turvy over and over and over again.

What do you do and say then?

When all the words you have, and some you didn't even realise you have, are spoken and your child just keeps jumping on that crazy giddy merry go round?

What do you do then?

Do you jump back on again with them, and try try some more?

Or do you stand back and watch them spin?

After parenting for nearly 21 years, I just don't know the answer.

I wish I did, truly I do.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Its So Quiet You Could

Hear a pin drop!

I kid you not. The three younger girls are away at camp, Sam is at work and Sarah is out with a friend. I can hear the water fill in the washing machine over in the laundry, I can hear the soft whir of the computer ticking over. It is soooooo strange!

The younger girls get home on Friday morning and boy that will be nice, I miss them terribly. It has been Emily's first trip to camp and I was so worried about her and then so very proud that she didn't ring home on the first night wanting to be picked up. Just because she has rung twice a day since then just means I am the most adorable mother in the universe - YEAH its my tiara to wear this week baby!

Back to the whole idea of school holiday camps. My girls love it, the twins seem to see it as a big time out from the hassles of family life (yeah to be 10 again huh), they don't have to face doing the dishes every third night or cleaning their room. Sadly for them this time they still have that one little annoying sister there but from what I understand they have adopted her out to potential new siblings.

Its a very cheap camp in my opinion $85/child for 5 nights, compare that to our usual daycare bill of $30-35/child PER DAY and you can soon see the savings ching ching chinging!

Monday, January 7, 2008

A Poem From My Sarah Bear


My little (well maybe not so little anymore) angel Sarah Bear wrote this for me and emailed it to me while I was at work today.

I was a little teary eyed!

My Mum
By Sarah Davidson

The only person I could trust with any secret,
The one who doesn't mind if I snot on her top,
She is so understanding, so caring, so loving,
Accepts me just the way I am,
She manages to keep her head high through any trouble
Fights till she wins our arguments
It makes me proud to watch her play netball
To know after all these years I have taught her something
After the millions of things she has taught me
Her smiles make me smile
Her laugh makes me laugh
When her lip twitches when you think you in so much trouble
So much trouble you feel you broke her heart
You know that she still loves you,
That she will always love you,
That you can never truly disappoint her
Because no matter what I do
She is always so proud of me
Through the amount of times I have messed up
I know she will always be with me
Threw everything last year,
I have learnt she is the one person
That will never ever give up on me
For that I question God
Why did you bless me with her?
Why did you bless us with her?
Why not all those other children?
Whose parents fail to provide
Our mum never fails
We know we can always count on her
We know she will always love us
And we can pray she knows how much we
Love her
Need her
Respect and cherish the moments we have with her.
We love you. Xx

Back to Work

It had to happen, the silly season is over the decorations down and today is my first day back at work.

My clothes are ironed, my healthy lunch is ready and my yummy healthy breakfast eaten.

I will be on that 7.48am bus with hair and makeup in place. I will be in my office about 15 minutes early to settle in and start catching up on emails.

Tommorow I will sleep in, struggle to find anything to wear, skip breakfast because of a bad hair day, run to the bus stop and miss the bus by mere seconds, run back home and get the car, grab breakfast and lunch at the fat enriched little cafe on the corner, bowl into work looking like I just rolled out of bed right (barely) on time.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Little Bit Of Tasmania

The one thing I truly love about living here is that you can visit the countryside, take a trip to the beach and visit the hillside all within an hour.