Sunday, September 26, 2010

40 days and 40 nights

Is how long I have had my lapband in for and I have lost 10.2kgs.  Have a look at the weight tally page for my progress.

At them moment I am losing around half a kilo a week which although it feels somewhat slow to me is actually perfect because it will (hopefully) allow my skin the time it needs to shrink back to my new body.

I am still convinced that I will need a stomach tuck, mostly because of the skin that was stretched out after having the twins and never bounced back despite being around 65kgs AFTER they where born - wow that seems a lifetime ago!

Plus I will need a breast lift and maybe a teensy tiny implant just because I can.

Back at work for two weeks now which of course has been the reason for my lack of blogging.  Will absolutely promise to do a weekly update every Sunday, and some in betweens as I can.

I am eating everything now, there is nothing that I can't eat, I believe that makes me one of the lucky banded people.  No issues with meat. bread or anything like that, I just eat much less than I used to.

And it's funny how your mindset changes, yesterday for example being grandfinal day and a complete shocker of a day nutrition/eating wise I was like hmmmmmmm did I eat too much?

1/2 ham and cheese toasted sandwich, 1 piece toast with vegemite, 1/2 KFC snack box, the head of a caramello koala, 1 piece of toast with one egg, three drinks watching the footy and a few handfulls of chips.

Now once upon a time this would have been:

A whole hame and cheese toasted sandwich, 3 pieces of toast with vegemite, a whole KFC meal, the whole caramello koala, probably 12 drinks, a few handfulls of chips PLUS dips/cheese/biscuits etc because the footy would have been the perfect excuse right?  Plus I would have cooked a big family meal to end the day because I always cook the best after a few drinks.

I think I can stop worrying about yesterday!

It was certainly not the best nutrition wise but today is a new day.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Emily's Quest To Be Miss Fashion 2011

Well after her debut in Miss Country Girl Tasmania, Miss Emily really wants to compete in Miss Fashion 2011 being held in Townsville.

So the ticket selling and fund-raising commence!

First of all she needs to sell 500 tickets to enter, between work, school and home I don't think this will be a problem.

Then of course we need the funds to get her there and make it happen!

We have six months to raise enough for airfares and accomadation costs - anyone have any sure-fire fundraising ideas?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Totally out of control

No - not with the lapband, that is all going well, my first 'fill' is this Saturday which is great.

I can see those calories creeping up over the last two weeks - 800, 900, 1000, 1100 - now hovering at around 1200 a day but I feel good and a small fill will get me back down to the 1000 calorie mark which seems to be the optimum for bandits.

What is totally out of control is our weather here in Tassie.  It is blowing a gale!

All I can hear is the wind ripping through the trees, over roofs and rain pelting down.  The dogs are scared senseless and barking at every creak and groan of the fences.

Hopefully it clears up somwhat tomorrow because I am meant to be heading down to Hobart for Miss Em's 'Little Miss Country Girl Tasmania' debut!  Oh the things we do.

Will update in full on Sunday, the first week back at work has been a shocker! 

First abusive customer seen today and he was a doosie, standing 30cm away from me screaming abuse into my face what a charmer!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Weigh in a day early

Because we are heading of to Launceston today.  The girls are going roller-blading this afternoon and then we will kick back and relax at the Country Club Villa's for the night before picking up DH from his early morning flight.

So a day early and an 800 gram loss, I am happy with that!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Time to go back to work

Because I am bored.

Yes bored - please don't throw things at me but I do actually like my job and four weeks away has been a wonderful break but now I am ready to go back.......bring on Monday!

Pathetic really, I am probably one of those people that would win Lotto and still need to go back to work - might have a year off to travel, sip drinks in Tahiti with Linda Loo, shop in Paris, checkout Disneyland, all the while waiting for my slightly upgraded house to be built, I just want to add a theatre room, full equipped gym and indoor pool with spa - don't want a lot really do I?!?!?!?!

All good on the lapband front, hit the gym this morning have the fat content well under control for today, despite being bored, when I am bored I have 'head-hunger' every hour!

I find that I can't have breakfast until around 10.30ish so planning to have something at work during morning tea and see how that goes. 

I am also planning to STOP work at 5.15pm - no longer will I be the silly one there until 6.30pm 'catching' up, no the new and improved me will finish at 5.15pm and get my gym gear on as soon as that last customer is out the door (part of my job as supervisor is to stay until the last customer has left) then..................... I am off to the gym!

A 30 minute workout and I should be home by 6.10pm at the latest!

That's the plan anyway.

Wednesday's Menu

1 x Centrum Multi Vitamin
1 x piece of toast with a soft egg on it
KFC - 1 x wicked wing, 1/2 chicken leg, 1/2 mini popcorn chicken, 1/2 small potato and gravy, ohhhh yep naughty naughty but about 1/5 of what I used to have!
1 x Soft Pita Bread Taco with salad
4 x 250ml Coffee
2 x Sponge Fingers

This equates to 1123 Cal or 4695 Kjs
43% of the calories are from fat, 23% from protein, 34% from carbs

Thursday's Menu

Water - not as much as usual need to drink more water less coffee
1 x Centrum Multi Vitamin
2 x Weetbix with 3/4 cup skim milk
4 x 250ml Coffee
1/2 a mushroom, tomato and prosciutto omelette
3 x light cruskits
1 x 95gram tin tuna with tomato and onion
1 x chocolate cupcake

This equates to 980 Cal or 4094 Kjs
24% of the calories are from fat, 23% from protein, 53% from carbs

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What's the fat in that?

One of the things that I need to address I guess FAT CONTENT, I need to learn more about the good and bad fats.

It's all well and good to be having 1000 or so calories a day but I need to be careful of the fat content. 

Yesterday was a shocker - today a slight improvement and I am sure tomorrow will be even better!

I did hit the gym today so that should help, tomorrow the twins and I are going to the Imagenarium which is having a sporting display, that should be super fun and keep us nicely active for the morning!

I was so excited to find a size 16 top yesterday that fit me perfectly!  I love it, and it made me start browsing for more clothes, like I need an excuse I do shop constantly for the girls, I mean Miss 11 has 26 summer dresses hanging and ready to go -  BUT shopping for me is a new experience.

This excitement led me to buy a dress - I haven't worn a dress in..........ten years maybe?

I bought this one a couple of sizes down, it can be my first 'target' dress.

What do you think?

I just ADORE it. 

And my 'menu' for the last couple of day's

Saturday's Menu

1 x Centrum Multi Vitamin
1 x 220ml Coffee
1 x McCafe Cappuccino
1/2 slice McCafe Fruit Toast with butter
100 gram I&J Fish Fillet
95 grams tuna in oil
3/4 cup potato bake
1/2 Vanilla Snack Pack Custard

This equates to 982 cal or 4105 Kjs
41% of the calories are from fat, 24% from protein, 35% from carbs

Sunday's Menu

1 x Centrum Multi Vitamin
3/4 crumpet
1 x soft fried egg
1 x 220ml coffee
100 gram I&J Fish Fillet
3 x Cruskits with margarine and vegemite
3/4 crumbed chicken burger
Small portion chips and gravy

This equates to 986 Cal or 4125 Kjs
43% of the calories are from fat, 23% from protein, 34% from carbs

Monday's Menu

1 x Centrum Multi Vitamin
1 x 220ml Coffee
1 x small movie popcorn
20 x Maltesers - oopppsss :o)
3 x cruskits with tuna and cheese
1/2 lamb chop with potatoes, carrots and peas
1 x Bulla Crunch Icecream

This equates to 1259 Cal or 5258 Kjs
43% of the calories are from fat, 18% from protein, 39% from carbs

Tuesday's Menu

1 x Centrum Multivitamin
1 x 150 gram Cappaccino Le Rice
1 x Cup my special low fat Nacho's with a tablespoon each of light sour cream and avocado
1 x Cup Pasta Bake & one piece garlic bread
1/2 Rasberry Muffin

This equates to 1047 Cal or 4372 Kjs
39% of the calories are from fat, 13% from protein, 48% from carbs

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lapband = THANKYOU

Ok Ok - technically the band hasn't done ALL the work because I am making choices about what I eat and about the excercise I do to assist the band.

What the band has done however is allow me to follow those golden diet rules 'a little bit of everything' without feeling hungry!

Weigh in this morning and another 1.7kgs GONE!

Will update pictures later today, if you would like to follow my journey via weekly pictures please leave a comment and I will email you the password.

Oh here is a picture of me on holidays last week, the pants I am wearing - a size 20 - are now to big, lucky for me I already had the size 18 ready and waiting to go.  Thanks goodness for my wonderful ladies in the US who post me over bargains from OLD NAVY.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Scamander, St Helen's, Lapband on Holidays

As promised our holiday update.

First of all this was a well overdue holiday, we where meant to go in August 2009 but I tore through my right calf muscle playing netball and was on crutches for three weeks.  I felt totally horrid the week we where meant to go, and could hardly raise my leg to step in the shower so we figured a holiday might be pushing it.

It was a great deal through Sunseeker erhhummmm did I just say great deal? 

We actually changed accomadation on the last night because despite being very clean and provising a great continental breakfast to our room, the rooms themselves where less than expected.

Poor Sam at 6 foot 4 and I, still of course needing to loose some 44kgs, squished into a double bed was interesting, no way could I complain about the lack of cuddling!

We changed over to a Blue Seas family unit which suited us so much more.  The girls LOVED the pool, and I wasn't complaining about my hour in the Spa either.

The views from the Balcony where just gorgeous, next time we will be staying there (or similar) from the start - no more Sunseeker deals for us.

Early morning View

Afternoon view and back of other units

Afternoon view out towards the sea

We all loved it, and managed to get around and see quite a few things including the 'Pub in the Paddock' with Priscilla the Beer Swilling Pig.  Now if you are visiting Tassie this is a must visit, in fact I'd be inclined to stay a night, apparently the food is quite good. 

You may have mixed feelings about giving a pig beer - rest assured our offering was clearly very watered down, and I believe the RSPCA have been regular visitors to check on the welfare of the pig.

Still have mixed feelings?  Well it's up to the individual I suppose, remember though if not swilling beer at the Pub in the Paddock this pig would have been on your table month's ago.

We saw Priscilla the 2nd 'PB', and there was also a  trainee piglet out the back learning the ropes.

Pub In The Paddock - Pyengana approx 40kms from St Helen's

Priscilla's welcome sign

Priscilla  catching some early spring rays

Ah she says - visitors how lovely

How do you all do?

Ahhhhhhh a beer - I'd love one!


We also went to a cheese factory/cafe just up the road from The Pub in the Paddock.  Probably one of the BEST coffee's I have had for some time, but very sparse on the cheese tastings being offered.

Some random shots of the girls - it is so hard to get pictures of them these days!

MUM do you have to?

Jessica (13), Samantha (13), Emily (11)

Jessica (13), Emily (11), Jessica (13)

Emily (11)

Emily (11)

Ok one more shot Mum - hurry up!

Having Fun

It was a great couple of days and we all came home feeling really refreshed!

Now as to what I have been eating!  Well all my newly-banded, yet to be banded friends you will be relieved to know that I was able to travel on the mushie stage and survive.  I didn't always have the 'best' choice but I was on holidays!

I have had no issues with any foods so far (touch wood), making sure I eat slowly and chew chew chew, seems to be the key.

Monday's Menu

Water - the dieter's best friend
1 x Centrum Multi Vitamin
1 cup porridge - 1/2 breakfast, 1/2 dinner - everything was closed when we arrived
50grams Spinach and Ricotta Canneloni
1/2 tub LeRice
4 squares Caramello Chocolate

This equates to 507 calories or 2122 Kjs
18% of the calories are from fat, 21% from protein, 61% from carbs

Tuesday's Menu

1xCentrum Multi Vitamin
1x200ml Sustagen
1x200ml Orange Juice
3/4 Banana
1x250ml V8 Citrus Splash
3/4 crumpet
1 x Egg
200ml Coffee
4 x glasses Vodka and Orange
20 grams Potato Chips
4 squares caramello Chocolate

Wowsers what a naughty day!!!!
This equates to 1766 cal or 7383 kjs
25% of the calories are from fat, 10% from protein, 49% from carbs and 15% from alcohol.

Wednesday's Menu

1 x Centrum Multi Vitamin
1/4 cup scrambled eggs
1 thin slice bacon
200ml orange juice
1 crumpet
1 egg
100 grams hot chips with gravy
1/4 pineapple fritter
1 x 200ml coffee
20grams Burger Rings
1x Fun Size Crunchie

This equates to 1188 cal or 4962 Kjs
% of the calories are from fat, 15% from protein, 47% from carbs

Thursday's Menu

1 x Centrum Multi Vitamin
3/4 tub LeRice
3/4 Weiss Vanilla and Rasberry Icecream
1 x 250ml V8 Citrus Splash
1/2 pkt Tuna To Go
30 grams tasty cheese
1/4 Chicken Duet - Alfredo
1/2 cup blended veg - potato, carrot, broccoli, peas
1x200ml Coffee

This equates to 797 cal or 3330 kjs
35% of the calories are from fat, 17% from protein, 48% from carbs

Friday's Menu

1xCentrum Multi Vitamin
1 1/2 weetbix with milk
1 200ml Sustagen
1 200ml Coffee
1 Snack size Pratties Baked Potatoe with Satay Chicken - half for lunch, half for dinner
1/2 slice of ham, cheese, tomatoe on toast

This equates to 1202 cal or 5026 kjs
32% of the calories are from fat, 27% from protein, 41% from carbs

Now tomorrow is of course weight in day and photo day.  I am really really hoping for a loss of between 500grams - 1kg and madly keeping my fingers crossed that my bad holiday choices don't do too much damage! 

We did do a bit of walking while away and on Thursday I went for a 20 minute walk, Friday was a 30 minute gym treadmill/weights session and today is the total 'I have a cold and it's raining' ssort of day!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Home.....There is no place like home...

Going away is fun, but you sure do look forward to getting home.

We had a great time, despite moving accomadation for the last part of our trip and I have some great photo's to share.

Will update fully Friday/Saturday.

In the meantime - Kay you are just going to love the pictures of the "Pub in the Paddock" with the beer swilling pig - put it on your must visit list!

Newbie lap-banders/future lap-banders - the mushie stage is heaven!  General rule - a lit bit of anything that is soft in consistancy and chew chew chew, take it slowly and all will be well.

While away I tested the waters with a few different things - scrambled eggs, a couple of bites of bacon, some chicken and prawn in a creamy white wine sauce with pasta, chips and gravy - yes all 12 of them!

It was great and not once have I felt deprived in any way, I just feel in control and I can tell you it is a GREAT feeling.