Thursday, September 9, 2010

Time to go back to work

Because I am bored.

Yes bored - please don't throw things at me but I do actually like my job and four weeks away has been a wonderful break but now I am ready to go back.......bring on Monday!

Pathetic really, I am probably one of those people that would win Lotto and still need to go back to work - might have a year off to travel, sip drinks in Tahiti with Linda Loo, shop in Paris, checkout Disneyland, all the while waiting for my slightly upgraded house to be built, I just want to add a theatre room, full equipped gym and indoor pool with spa - don't want a lot really do I?!?!?!?!

All good on the lapband front, hit the gym this morning have the fat content well under control for today, despite being bored, when I am bored I have 'head-hunger' every hour!

I find that I can't have breakfast until around 10.30ish so planning to have something at work during morning tea and see how that goes. 

I am also planning to STOP work at 5.15pm - no longer will I be the silly one there until 6.30pm 'catching' up, no the new and improved me will finish at 5.15pm and get my gym gear on as soon as that last customer is out the door (part of my job as supervisor is to stay until the last customer has left) then..................... I am off to the gym!

A 30 minute workout and I should be home by 6.10pm at the latest!

That's the plan anyway.

Wednesday's Menu

1 x Centrum Multi Vitamin
1 x piece of toast with a soft egg on it
KFC - 1 x wicked wing, 1/2 chicken leg, 1/2 mini popcorn chicken, 1/2 small potato and gravy, ohhhh yep naughty naughty but about 1/5 of what I used to have!
1 x Soft Pita Bread Taco with salad
4 x 250ml Coffee
2 x Sponge Fingers

This equates to 1123 Cal or 4695 Kjs
43% of the calories are from fat, 23% from protein, 34% from carbs

Thursday's Menu

Water - not as much as usual need to drink more water less coffee
1 x Centrum Multi Vitamin
2 x Weetbix with 3/4 cup skim milk
4 x 250ml Coffee
1/2 a mushroom, tomato and prosciutto omelette
3 x light cruskits
1 x 95gram tin tuna with tomato and onion
1 x chocolate cupcake

This equates to 980 Cal or 4094 Kjs
24% of the calories are from fat, 23% from protein, 53% from carbs

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