Sunday, September 26, 2010

40 days and 40 nights

Is how long I have had my lapband in for and I have lost 10.2kgs.  Have a look at the weight tally page for my progress.

At them moment I am losing around half a kilo a week which although it feels somewhat slow to me is actually perfect because it will (hopefully) allow my skin the time it needs to shrink back to my new body.

I am still convinced that I will need a stomach tuck, mostly because of the skin that was stretched out after having the twins and never bounced back despite being around 65kgs AFTER they where born - wow that seems a lifetime ago!

Plus I will need a breast lift and maybe a teensy tiny implant just because I can.

Back at work for two weeks now which of course has been the reason for my lack of blogging.  Will absolutely promise to do a weekly update every Sunday, and some in betweens as I can.

I am eating everything now, there is nothing that I can't eat, I believe that makes me one of the lucky banded people.  No issues with meat. bread or anything like that, I just eat much less than I used to.

And it's funny how your mindset changes, yesterday for example being grandfinal day and a complete shocker of a day nutrition/eating wise I was like hmmmmmmm did I eat too much?

1/2 ham and cheese toasted sandwich, 1 piece toast with vegemite, 1/2 KFC snack box, the head of a caramello koala, 1 piece of toast with one egg, three drinks watching the footy and a few handfulls of chips.

Now once upon a time this would have been:

A whole hame and cheese toasted sandwich, 3 pieces of toast with vegemite, a whole KFC meal, the whole caramello koala, probably 12 drinks, a few handfulls of chips PLUS dips/cheese/biscuits etc because the footy would have been the perfect excuse right?  Plus I would have cooked a big family meal to end the day because I always cook the best after a few drinks.

I think I can stop worrying about yesterday!

It was certainly not the best nutrition wise but today is a new day.

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