Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Bully

Sarah has been bullied since school started this year, all by the one boy and no matter how many times we have complained, or she has complained nothing is ever done. Its really gotten to the most unbearable stage where because no teachers will deal with the boy he just continues to do it and while some teachers tell him to stop it, sadly there is one or two teachers that just act as if theydidn't hear it.

I have had some issues with the school for a while, in particular the principal and art teacher. In fact it had become such an issue I have spent most of the last three weeks trying to find a new school.

The principal has also been teaching Yr 8 maths this year and due to other commitments hasn't always made it to the class, not a problem if its just once or twice a year but once or twice a week and more recently for a two week period is just not on in my opinion. I should add that the kids don't get a replacement teacher they simply DONT do maths that day/week.

The Art teacher is really on a different planet and her outburst in the art class this week cemented my decision to remove the girls from the school. I do understand that the kids are probably damn frustrating and look I'm certainly not going to say I could do a better job BUT I could certainly refrain from telling a 14 year old boy - and I quote 'You are a cocksucker and I feel like punching you in the face'

How in the world are children meant to be nurtured and educated in that type of environment. For what its worth I have lodged a formal complaint with the Education Department.

So the hunt for a better school became a necessity not just a possibility. We are a bit limited on choices but in the end I decided to go with a private Christian School. I met with the principal today and viewed the school and was soon convinced that this was the best place for the girls it just felt 'right'.

So now that I have signed away my finances for the next ten years and added to the bill an amazing amount of money for uniforms, I am still glad we have done it.

The girls will start on the 18th of June, so stay tuned for those gorgeous first day photos!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Norty Blogger Girl

I have been a bit neglectful over the last week - norty blogger girl I am.

Things have just been pretty busy.

Over the weekend we picked Sam's mum up from the airport, she is home after spending three weeks with my sister-in-law in South Australia. I find it ironically cute that they flew her home to Devonport which meant an 2 hr return trip (instead of a 20 min return trip) to save $50 on the fare. Somethings are just not worth explaining however so we pop the obligatory smile on and get the job done.

Sam and I went out for dinner on our own after that and had a yummy dinner at Fish Frenzy, we decided to order two different meals and share them, he ordered the Fish Frenzy which had chips, two types of fish, scallops and calamari rings and I chose the spicy crumbed calamari salad.

Oh YUM! Seriously yummy stuff with some tartare and coriander mayo dips. We left pretty happy and as always how nice was it to have an hour on our own!

Sunday morning I was woken to breakfast in bed - very special DH I had this weekend, either he has been replaced by an alien life form or has had a recent affair and feeling guilty.

No I AM joking, no aliens, no affairs, he is just a nice guy who worships the ground I walk on even when that ground is a potential hazard site with PMT flowing through it. What a nutter he is hey!

Then DH proceeded to clean the house until I could take no more and hid in my room with a pillow over my head 'NO MORE cleaning' LOL now tell me how many woman get to sing THAT song?

He must have felt sorry for me so put the dust cloth away and we went in to get the girls new shoes a new pair of netball shoes for each of the twins, everyday sneakers for the twins and Emily and then socks - now can SOMEONE please return the socks to my doorstep. Its ok I promise to be forgiving, but I KNOW you have them, they seriously could NOT have possibly lost/misplaced/torn/threw out the 40 pairs of socks I bought before school went back this year............could they?

Now I don't need to tell you how expensive the trip was do I, you can do the math and completely understand where all my grey hairs are arising from.

Then it was on to do the shopping, of course dear husband after his mammoth cleaning effort deserved some time out in the pub while the girls and I shopped.

Half way around the supermarket I hear that the police are booking everyone parked out the front of the supermarket - yep dear darling husband had parked in a taxi zone, along with about six other people because the signs where just so bad.

They decided to just give everyone a caution as the signs REALLY where that bad.

After I gave the officer my license he asked me how 'our street' was, hmmm those very cool neighbours of ours really ARE that well known.

Home after shopping and off to the pub for a quiet drink or two with the well behaved (this weekend) husband followed by the same amazing husband cooking me dinner??????

Hmmmmm someone take his temperature. He really WAS good this weekend wasn't he.

I'll have to remember to do something extra spec for him next weekend.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


I have meant to do this update for a while, but time is just slipping through my fingers at the moment.

Miss Bethany is 4.5 months old and rolling around, very very cute! She starts at one end of the lounge and ends at the other.

Bethany is also one of the happiest, most content babies I have EVER met. When I had her over the weekend she happily slept through the night for a solid ten hours, and spends the rest of her day smiling, rolling and playing.

Danielle is one lucky mummy!

Bethany is sooooooo HAPPY - a picture tells a thousand words so they say.....

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Do you ever

Feel overwhelmed?

Your day started early and you met every ones needs, you went to work and did the same there, you came home and raced around, listening to moans and groans, stories of the day. Threw the washing on, fed them a healthy balanced meal, went out in the freezing cold to sit in the rain for an hour watching them play sport and still there was more to do..............someone wanted or needed something more and at times it seems just too much.

And then you remember how important it is to treasure every moment, every glance, every hug, every sweet little kiss.

And you feel that awful tugging guilt that today maybe you didn't.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I've been Tagged!

I have been tagged by the beutilicious, scrumptious, damn fine sexy L from Lulus Bay if you want recipes to die for and just a great read best go and see what the girl is up to!

Right the weekend is here and I have a litte more time to ponder my answers.

I have to write about:

1. Four of my favourite jobs.
2. Four of my favourite local places.
3. Four of my favourite foods.
4. Four of my favourite international places and name four people I am tagging

Number one on my favourite job list was in a stinky little hot laundromat, now to appreciate the heat in this place picture the scene, a tin shed with eight industrial clothes driers running non stop, a couple of ironing presses all set in the middle of the Northern Territory during the wet season..................ah yes thats right feel the humidity in the air as thick as fog, your clothes sticking to most would say what in the world is this doing on your list? Well the owner was a bit of a hottie and we had a gorgeous three month fling so every day I went to work was spent in an absolute haze of hot lust.

The next favourite job was at a chemical company, I worked there for six years and worked my way up from being the part-time receptionist to the fulltime regional office manager, I juggled the power suit and a couple of kidlets, went to the gym every day and really lived the corporate dream. Sadly my dream all ended when I returned after maternity leave to find the boss shagging my replacement, believe me life was never the same and I left a few months later, I always consoled myself with the fact I had actually managed to shag on his desk before him anyway, no great loss.

Then of course there was the roadhouse, now the roadhouse was a nifty little business I picked up for a song with a stroke of hard work and some good luck. In a popular tourist drive through town in South Australias mid north the roadhouse WAS my new baby. The hours where long but I loved it, the people where great, I perfected THE BEST steak sandwich in Pt Wakefield and learnt everything there is to know about the blood, sweat and tears involved in working for yourself. I consider it a success as I sold it two years later for six time what I paid - I told you I got it for a song.

Last on my favourite job list would be the job I have now. I work for the Federal Government and you really just cant go past the working conditions, leave allowances and superannuation. I have an interesting job and truly love going each day.

My favourite four local places would be the beach down the road from me where I love walking with the girls and my silly labrador.

The Oasis swim centre where you can hire out the pool privately for an hour at a time which is fantastic for those like me, who's idea of a bathing suit is a big baggy t-shirt and boardies,

The Wharf Hotel where I love to go for lunch or dinner and sit out on the balcony and watch the world go by, there Atlantic Chicken is scrumptious and their pub loafs with garlic butter a must have treat.

And my home - well that's local isnt it? My home is my haven, I truly LOVE closing the door and shutting the world out.

Favourite foods - only four? This could be hard.

Pizza - I love a pizza with lashings of ham, bacon, pepperoni, sundried tomatoes mushroom and pineapple.

Nachos - yum!

Roast - any type, just traditional roast with baked vegies and gravy.

Garlic King Prawns - just love them, on steak, on chicken, on their own........

Favourite International Places - well I havent travelled Internationally yet but Im guessing Id love New York because its busy busy with something happening everywhere, Turtle Island because its so decadent, Paris because it just looks sooooooo nice, and Latvia because Id like to see where my paternal grandmother was from.

Who are the lucky people I am tagging today?

Crazy Trace Because I am loving reading about her big bike trip, only up to day three, but its damn good reading.

Jodie A new blog that I read, just love her posts.

Rachael Gorgeous girl with gorgeous kidlets.

Jessica A random blog that caught my eye, going back to read more.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What it takes

to get to work..........

Some days are just IMPOSSIBLE. You just know the moment you burn your toast and spill your tea that things aren't looking bright, and if you could, your best bet would be to run as quickly as you can back to bed and pull the quilt wayyyy up over your head and forget the day even started.

It all started just as I was leaving the house, the moment the front door closed behind me I KNEW two things:

1. My lunch bag was still sitting on the kitchen table

2. The house keys where hanging on the kitchen hook.


Since I have changed my work hours to be home earlier, I only have a half hour lunch so its pretty important I have my lunch with me, the keys, not such an issue, Sarah has a set and would be home before me.

A quick dash around the house to check if the back door is unlocked results in a stand off between my excitable 12 month old Labrador and me in my politically correct business suit - eeekkkk DON'T jump - Oh god PLEEEEEEEZZZEEEEEE don't jump..............whew and of course the back door is indeed locked.

Hmmmm what to do what to do..............spy the dining room window slightly open....BINGO...ok its five feet of the ground what to do what to do, ok prepare for action, wheelie bin in place, milk crate in place WAIT, dirt - cripes cant get dirt on the politically correct suit, grab towels from clothes dryer to line proposed entry point to house I think I can I think I can - YEAHHHHsuccess, the rush is as sweet as a piece of Cadbury's.

Grab bag, dash to front door, open door and WAITTTTTTT cats charge in the house, orange tabby one way, black fluffy the other! Arghhhhh, round up cats and out the door, just as I slam the door I realise.........................


Back through the dining room window, and out the door in one piece this time.

Jump into car as its Netball day and I'm driving (please remind me to put HOUSE keys ON new car keys), whew of I go. Get to lights and....................WTF.................Orange cat is laying curled up on back seat of car..................................nope not my morning at all!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I have always loved this song, it is just strikes a chord with me as only certain songs can.

When I saw Coldplay live in Melbourne last year, which seems like a lifetime ago now, they let giant yellow balloons out into the crowd, as each one was popped shiny couloured paper flew out over the crowd.

I always used to think Yellow was a sad song, until I saw and heard this played live, its not a sad song its just the most meaningful song about becoming something beautiful.

Mothers Day

Mothers Day started on Saturday night for me, my family just can not keep surprises!

They try, but the surprise bubbles away in them until they are overflowing and have to share.

I was presented with some beautiful cards from all the girls, Samantha had written the most in hers, I am sure she will write for hallmark one day:

"To my lovely mother
The dearly days we spend together
I would love to be with you forever
While you care oh very vry much
I do not want a lot of shush"


Many reasons why I love you
Of course I have some
The days we spend together
Happy oh happy days
Ever oh I mean ever
Reaching to love on the way


A pot of roses and tulips
for you
forever I will be happy
with you
I will not forget to
cherish you
Thank the Lord for leaving me
with you

Isnt she just beautiful - very clever for 10 I think.

Emily took great pleasure in buying me some trinkets fro the mothers day stall, a pineapple shaped sponge, cookies and more.

My big present was a new digital camera so now I will be able to take CLEAR pictures! How fab!

On Sunday I wa streated to pancakes in bed and in the afternoon the girls and I went to see The Bridge to Teribithia - WARNING tissues required.

Fantastic movie that I managed to sob my way through.

Traditional KFC for Mothers Day dinner topped of my day.

I hope everyone had a beautiful day.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Past, Present, Future

I used to think my sucess was all about what I 'had', I worked hard and 'had' so much more than others my age but deep down I wasnt really happy, I didnt feel secure.

Sometimes life takes you a full circle to teach you a lesson and when I lost everything I thought was important to me, the business the house, the money, the status, I couldnt see a future.

I spent a year in self induced misery, mourning the loss, feeling like there was nothing left in my life.

I dont know why my eyes where closed, but at some stage I realised I still had everything, my health, my husband and my daughters THAT was when my life changed.

When I realised it was ALL within my control and it was ME who directed my future and it was ME that directed my hapiness, things changed.

I made peace with the past and moved towards the future, slowly and steadily I rebuild, I take time to walk along the beach, to smile and have fun, I AM happy.

And 'Happy' is when you know you have 'made it', 'Happy' is THE BEST place to be.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Today Emily wasn't very well so I stayed home from work with her.

The morning started off innocently enough, a cup of tea and toast in bed while watching the Cinderella Story.

Sarah SMS'd asking us to take a pair of shoes up to school for her because hers broke, I was a bit torn with this request, should I shouldn't I - after all if I was at work the answer would have been a flat no, of course I caved and we headed off.

After the school we went to the Dr, now this is the same Dr I complained about a few months ago, so not surprisingly Emily got a top to toe inspection and I got a carers note for work, thank goodness for the public service and its generous leave amounts for caring!

It was lunchtime, so we decided to grab some movies for the afternoon and some lunch!

Big mistake.

Normally I would have just had a sandwich at work, or reheated left-overs, not too much not too little, but here it was my biggest temptations ANY FOOD I WANTED for lunch.

The Sirens SHOULD have been sounding of in my head, 'NO STOP - you don't want to do it..........'

But I did, and eat I did.

A lunch serve of Sweet and Sour Pork with Fried Rice, and for a little later a lovely scrumptious chocolate eclair with fresh cream.

Oh the absolute wickedness of a mid afternoon movie and eating in bed, of course I didn't make it to the end of the movie.

After that gluttonous load I fell asleep, had some rather strange dreams and woke up feeling like a ship wreck survivor.

Several glasses of water later I have nearly convinced myself that I can just wash it all out and if I dont have dinner all should be well, I have renewed my plans to start another 'watch what I eat' campaign in the not too distant future.

Oh YUCK YUCK YUCK! I wish I would listen to those warnings bells.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Bad Joke - May Offend

Now if this joke bothers you please dont comment as you have been WARNED it may offend.

It can probably be classed as in completely poor taste, but it did make me laugh.

Two Iraqi woman are in the school yard discussing their many children.

The first says 'You remember my son Habid?"
The second "Oh yes! I remember when Habid left school, he is such a good boy"
The first says "Oh yes well Habid is a Martyr now"
The second says "Oh Dear, well you remember my son Alah"
The first says "Oh yes I remember when Alah started school!"
The second says "Ah well alas Alah is a Martyr too"
The first sighs and says "They just blow up so soon these days"

The Food Chain

My husband has a rather cute concept with regards to different people. He likes to think we, as a family are slightly higher up on the food chain then others, and lower then some as well.

It all started with the neighbours, they are a little different and while my idea of a walk with the kids involves taking them to the beach for a run/walk/play, hers involves walking around the corner to the park with them and a couple of cans of vodka pre-mix to get her through the park session.

Now don't jump down my throat here, I do of course understand that there could be any number of reasons or indeed excuses for this, but my husband will have none of it, in his opinion it is as simple as her being a little lower on the food chain.

The 'food chain excuse' as I have come to think of it, is really a pretty cute concept and I tend to apply it to everyday situations now, its my favourite joke of the moment.

For example lady at the supermarket who bumped into my trolley and then told me to 'Fuck Off' , is simply lower on the food chain than me, quite understandable behaviour really. Given that I can now understand this behaviour I don't get upset, its all because of the 'food chain' of course!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Tagging Off

My husband works in a mine on the north west coast of Tasmania. He is part of the service crew which run essential services through the mine for further exploration, things like water, electrics and water lines.

The service crew tend to work in places where noone really wants to go until it is ready, the work is heavy manual labour, hot and long 12 hour shifts. But I think there must be a real sense of community within the mine because Sam seems to love it.

This morning is the last day of his shift, he has a great roster, one week on day shift Monday to Friday followed by one week on night shift from Monday to Thursday, so while we miss him when he is away having him home every weekend is great.

When they finish a shift they have to tag off, this lets all the shift bosses know at a glance who is should/shouldnt be still under ground, I guess when you are working anywhere up to 6kms underground anything can happen.

This morning Sam didnt tag off.

Fortunately I quickly KNEW he was ok, as he had already sent a message saying he was on his way home to the girls and I (oh the wonder of modern technology), but just for a moment my stomach was churning.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

I was going to

Blog a little tonight, I have a lot of things I want to write about this week but then a little girl came up and said 'Mummy, do you want to go to bed and snuggle me'.

At first I was going to say no, Im busy, but then I paused...........

And I guess Im going to bed because my little girl won't be little for long...........

Oh a SPECIAL hello to my fellow bussie/trainees I just KNEW someone would get it - LOL

Nine Minutes

What can you do in nine minutes?

Drive to the shop, make you lunch, play the game 'Around the World in Nine Minutes, draw a kangaroo, read Dr Seuss,
a quick game of hop scotch, look cover write check, chair champions,
smash a pinata, say two hundred words, have breakfast, balance an egg,
climb a tree, eat your lunch, vacuum thelounge room, fix the fairy garden........

ignore mum for nine minutes...............

These are all the things my girls can think of to do in nine minutes, and I
blogged them in nine minutes before leaving for work...............

What can you do in nine minutes?

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What It Means To Be a Bussie

I get the bus to and from work everyday, if you have never done this, it is a must do!

There is a whole underworld of bussies, yes that's right us bussies all know each other and there are definite groups on the bus that sit together.

All the high school kids sit together, the special needs guys that work out at Vinnie's all sit together, and then the 40+ ladies sit together. Now I have been accepted into the 40+ group because either my status as a Nan warrants my immediate membership or they all think I am 40+ too, I have never worked up the courage to ask, I may not like the answer.

I nearly get acceptance into the special needs guys group too because I am blonde and a few of them like blonde's, plus I always chat to them on or off the bus so I guess they know I accept them just as they are.

My husband finds this quite amusing, as I am always running into the guys while out shopping on the weekend or at the local and they all make a fuss of me, each meeting involves several hugs and pats on the back and many introductions to family/friends as 'the bus girl'.

Our conversations revolve around what day of the week it is, how many more days to go, what we did last weekend, what we are doing this weekend, why weren't we on the bus the previous day, why we wont be on the bus get the idea.

Everyone looks out for each other, the drivers will pick me up half way to the bus stop if I am running late, they let me of at my street corner instead of the next stop on the way home, it a whole little community being a bussie.

My bussie friends know the girls well as the girls become 'bussies in the school holidays, Emily used to have a favourite bussie lady who she would remind to put her earrings on each day, every day would herald the same routine, Emily would walk to the bus with me, and as the bus pulled in she would peer up through the window to see if the earring where in place, her bussie friend played along very well displaying shocked horror and quickly putting her earrings on before we pulled away, so of course Emily has saved her day!

Sadly she has retired now, but these are all things that great childhood memories are made of, I'm not sure if she realised how much that five minutes each morning meant to Emily.

Yep I'm a bussie, and glad to be one, its amazing who you meet.