Thursday, May 3, 2007

Nine Minutes

What can you do in nine minutes?

Drive to the shop, make you lunch, play the game 'Around the World in Nine Minutes, draw a kangaroo, read Dr Seuss,
a quick game of hop scotch, look cover write check, chair champions,
smash a pinata, say two hundred words, have breakfast, balance an egg,
climb a tree, eat your lunch, vacuum thelounge room, fix the fairy garden........

ignore mum for nine minutes...............

These are all the things my girls can think of to do in nine minutes, and I
blogged them in nine minutes before leaving for work...............

What can you do in nine minutes?

1 comment:

Sue xx said...

Um procrastinate
blog (oh no that takes me longer)
walk to the letter box and back (it is a long way :) )
drive to school and back
boil an egg or does that take longer
Sue xx