Monday, May 28, 2007

Norty Blogger Girl

I have been a bit neglectful over the last week - norty blogger girl I am.

Things have just been pretty busy.

Over the weekend we picked Sam's mum up from the airport, she is home after spending three weeks with my sister-in-law in South Australia. I find it ironically cute that they flew her home to Devonport which meant an 2 hr return trip (instead of a 20 min return trip) to save $50 on the fare. Somethings are just not worth explaining however so we pop the obligatory smile on and get the job done.

Sam and I went out for dinner on our own after that and had a yummy dinner at Fish Frenzy, we decided to order two different meals and share them, he ordered the Fish Frenzy which had chips, two types of fish, scallops and calamari rings and I chose the spicy crumbed calamari salad.

Oh YUM! Seriously yummy stuff with some tartare and coriander mayo dips. We left pretty happy and as always how nice was it to have an hour on our own!

Sunday morning I was woken to breakfast in bed - very special DH I had this weekend, either he has been replaced by an alien life form or has had a recent affair and feeling guilty.

No I AM joking, no aliens, no affairs, he is just a nice guy who worships the ground I walk on even when that ground is a potential hazard site with PMT flowing through it. What a nutter he is hey!

Then DH proceeded to clean the house until I could take no more and hid in my room with a pillow over my head 'NO MORE cleaning' LOL now tell me how many woman get to sing THAT song?

He must have felt sorry for me so put the dust cloth away and we went in to get the girls new shoes a new pair of netball shoes for each of the twins, everyday sneakers for the twins and Emily and then socks - now can SOMEONE please return the socks to my doorstep. Its ok I promise to be forgiving, but I KNOW you have them, they seriously could NOT have possibly lost/misplaced/torn/threw out the 40 pairs of socks I bought before school went back this year............could they?

Now I don't need to tell you how expensive the trip was do I, you can do the math and completely understand where all my grey hairs are arising from.

Then it was on to do the shopping, of course dear husband after his mammoth cleaning effort deserved some time out in the pub while the girls and I shopped.

Half way around the supermarket I hear that the police are booking everyone parked out the front of the supermarket - yep dear darling husband had parked in a taxi zone, along with about six other people because the signs where just so bad.

They decided to just give everyone a caution as the signs REALLY where that bad.

After I gave the officer my license he asked me how 'our street' was, hmmm those very cool neighbours of ours really ARE that well known.

Home after shopping and off to the pub for a quiet drink or two with the well behaved (this weekend) husband followed by the same amazing husband cooking me dinner??????

Hmmmmm someone take his temperature. He really WAS good this weekend wasn't he.

I'll have to remember to do something extra spec for him next weekend.

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Lynda said...

wow wow wow - I want ME some a dat!!! - You deserve it - you have been carting around the whole tribe on your tiny shoulders for far too long - Sam is the man!