Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mothers Day

Mothers Day started on Saturday night for me, my family just can not keep surprises!

They try, but the surprise bubbles away in them until they are overflowing and have to share.

I was presented with some beautiful cards from all the girls, Samantha had written the most in hers, I am sure she will write for hallmark one day:

"To my lovely mother
The dearly days we spend together
I would love to be with you forever
While you care oh very vry much
I do not want a lot of shush"


Many reasons why I love you
Of course I have some
The days we spend together
Happy oh happy days
Ever oh I mean ever
Reaching to love on the way


A pot of roses and tulips
for you
forever I will be happy
with you
I will not forget to
cherish you
Thank the Lord for leaving me
with you

Isnt she just beautiful - very clever for 10 I think.

Emily took great pleasure in buying me some trinkets fro the mothers day stall, a pineapple shaped sponge, cookies and more.

My big present was a new digital camera so now I will be able to take CLEAR pictures! How fab!

On Sunday I wa streated to pancakes in bed and in the afternoon the girls and I went to see The Bridge to Teribithia - WARNING tissues required.

Fantastic movie that I managed to sob my way through.

Traditional KFC for Mothers Day dinner topped of my day.

I hope everyone had a beautiful day.

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