Sunday, December 19, 2010

You know you have teenagers when....

You are the first one up in the morning!

All those years spent praying for a decent sleep in, the early morning duties, spooning soggy weetbix into little cherubs greedy mouths, smiling back through sleep encrusted bleary eyes, holding your breath during that early morning nappy retrieval, the joy in four loads of washing by 8am..............

And now you are the first one up, not at that much dreamt about 9am, but bright and early by 7am, tip-toeing around the house marvelling at how life changes, how fast it moves and how, despite the bumps, we need to appreciate every single moment.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A week until Christmas!!!

I can hardly believe it.

Don't think that I am going to crack that magic 100 mark by Xmas but that's ok.

My restriction is pretty good but my choices haven't been that great, it's amazing how the lapband protests to funny things like the skin on grapes but doesn't bat an eye at chocolate.

I haven't been drinking anything alcoholic and that has certainly helped move the scales.

I could also use a little of that magical excercise thing, and I am hoping the motivation to do that is hidden in the new year.

In the new year I will be working on a new project for three months, I will be able to dictate my hours and with the girls on holidays that is likely to be a 7am start so I can finish early, hit the gym and still be home by 5pm.

Hopefully after three months of excercise I will have hit the point of no return and continue.

Things at work have improved and I am sort of in limbo - heading into a new project but not sure of what is on the other side.

All the presents are wrapped under the tree - a first for this time of year.  There are a few more things I want to get the younger girls but essentially I am done - it feels good!