Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lapband 6.5kgs gone in 12 days


That's about all I can say about that!  1/2 a kilo a day, you have to be happy with that.  Ok Ok I know that I am running at a cost of about $385/kilo but still.

Will update pictures tonight - leave me a message and I'll send you the password to my picture's.  be warned though I am in my bestest underwear!

The girls and I have just done a big tidy up, and we are all starting to think about what we need to pack for our few days away at Scamander.

DH was really quite worried about what I could eat while away but I have told him not to worry, worst case scenario I will have a bread and butter plate of vegies with gravy!

After nearly two full weeks on liquids I am thinking some mashed potato and pumpkin may just be heaven!

Today's Menu

Centrum Multi-V
200ml Coffee
1/2 weetbix mixed with hot water and milk till quite runny
2 scoops light ice-cream, 50grams blueberries
100gm pureed Ravioli
125gm Diet Caramel Cream
200ml Coffee

This equtes to 664 Cal or 2779 Kjs
23% of the calories are from fat, 21% from protein, 56% from carbs

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Not a lot Saturday.....

Not a lot happening here today.

Sarah went to work, Emily had a friend over, Twins read/watched tv/went for a walk and I listed on Ebay for most of the day trying to clear out some of these clothes I am drowning in.

Lapband wise it was a good day.  No pain, all wound coverings are now off and the little cuts are healing nicely.  I am starting to look forward to my 'mushie' stage starting Monday morning, only one more day of liquids, I think I have survived quite well.

Today's Menu

Water of course, the No1 menu item for a lap-bander
Centrum Multi-V
200ml Sustagen
250ml Up and Go chocolate
250gm Velish Butternut Pumpkin Soup
100gm Bulla Frozen Yogurt rasberry
200ml Coffee
1/2 cup runny porridge made with milk

This equates to 910 cal or 3809 Kjs
15% of the calories are from fat, 18% from protein, 67% from carbs

Friday, August 27, 2010

Not long to go.....

Three more sleeps and I will start on some solid food!

Of course it will be mushy blended food for me, but it will be lots of different types of food.

Sarah said that the weight is falling off me, let's hope Sunday morning's weigh in reflects that.

Today's Menu

Water - but you knew that right?
1 x Centrum Multi
200ml Sustagen
200ml Up and Go Banana
125gm Nestles Rolo
200ml Asian Laska Soup, noodles drained off
200ml Coffee
100gm Bulla Frozen Fruit and Yogurt

This equates to 988 cal or 4130 Kjs
23% of the calories are from fat, 14% from protein, 63% from carbs

According to Calorie King I can have 1700 calories per dayso once I can have mushie food and solid food I will be looking to stay under this amount.

Rebecca Lea Lambie 12th June 1981 ~ 20th August 2010

Today was Bec's funeral.

It was both a sad and beautiful day.

Sad because the world is now missing an exceptionally special person.

Beautiful because her loving family arranged a service that was truly reflective of who Bec was as a person, a service that was as individual as Bec was and filled with all the love and laughter that Bec would have wanted.

Bec was an amazing friend to Danielle, and a wonderful mother to her three gorgeous children

Ebony, Bailey & Gemma.

Until we meet again smiley girl.

                                         Rebecca Lea Lambie ~ One of a kind

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shop Shop Shop

Why is it that when you go to the shop you always end up spending way more than you planned.
It was all simple enough, I grabbed a couple of extra's earlier tonight because we had an extra for dinner, not even sure how that cost $20.

Then there was the second trip.  Sarah offered to make some things first thing in the morning for after Bec's funeral tomorrow so we had a list of things to get, then I added 3 boxes of cereal that where on sale and 6 boxes of washing powder that where 1/2 price, the girls then added some drinks and lollies, a must have when you have a friend stay over, pretty soon I was at $80 and I can't even eat solid food at the moment!

It's great that Sarah is making the cakes for after the funeral service, she offered because she knew I would resort to either atempting to do it myself and showcase my complete lack of ability in the kitchen OR I would buy things in the morning and then feel guilty about not taking nice home-cooked things.

Fortunately Sarah is quite the cook and will be whipping up passionfruit vanilla slices, mini hummingbird cakes and a chocolate fruit and nut slice in her first 1.5 hours at school. 

It feels good to be doing something, anything to help when there is nothing that you can do to take someone's pain away.

I am expecting it to be a very busy and very emotional morning. 

In fact I am nearly 100% certain when I see Ebony (7), Bailey (5) and Gemma (2), and the reality that these beautiful children will never see their mother again hits I will cry like a baby on the inside, and remain calm and supportive on the outside.

Bec's youngest sister Kiana rings Emily every night and I just feel her loss so heavily poor little sweetheart.

There is never anything nice about losing a loved one.

The lapband day number 9 went quite well. 

Had the usual tightness this morning, I can really see what people say about the band being tighter in the morning, I can just sip sip sip my Sustagen and to be honest could just drink water for the rest of the day, I am feeling pretty lucky to be at day 9 and experiencing no hunger as yet.

Today's Menu

Lots of water
1 x Centrum Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement
200ml Sustagen
250ml Up and Go Energise
80gm Frozen Fruit and Yogurt
200gm Velish Tomatoe and Spinach Soup
200ml Coffee

This equates to 728 cal or 3054 kjs
15% of the calories are from fat, 21% from protein, 64% from carbs and 0% from alcohol.

What is really surprising me is my lack of care when it comes to seeing other people eat yummy things or cooking for them.  I really thought that this would bother me a great deal but it hasn't been nearly as bad as I thought it would.  I did groan a little when the twins where having my favourite sausage rolls for lunch today but I certainly wasn't remotely tempted to try a little bit, maybe my band scares me a little, I certainly don't want to be bringing food back up or getting things stuck - yuck!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Loving Holiday's

I am really loving my holiday's.  A week and a half in, and feeling much better since the surgery I am starting to really enjoy all this free time! 

Another 2.5 weeks of pleasing myself suits me just fine.

We are heading to Scamander next week for three nights, will be nice to get away from everything and just relax with the girls.  Sarah is staying home to puppy-sit, she has a school function and work commitments, it's funny how much things change as they grow up.

I have actually been quite busy today booking various accomadation for upcoming trips, flights, all sorts of things.

We have Scamander next week, DH goes to Brisbane for a couple of days in September, Emily and I go to Hobart for a couple of days the weekend after DH gets home for her Miss Country Girl Tasmania final, then in October we have a Netball carnival in Hobart - sheeshhhh the list goes on!

To top it all off I decided to book some flights to Melbourne for DH and myself next March, right in between our birthday's.  I am planning a very indulgent weekend for just the two of us!  For once I got the Jetstar flights before they sold out - $70 return  per person. 

Now today's lapband update - it was a good day. 

I am quite 'tight' in the morning, apparently this is quite common and I am managing it by sticking to my hot Sustagen.  I have to sip sip sip it over 20-25 minutes otherwise I tend to get a bit of gassiness floating around which can be uncomfortable. 

I had to pop into work today and finalise my Performance Assessment for the new year, it actually took longer than expected and I was kicking myself on the way home for not taking a bottle of water with me, I was really tired by the time that I left and I am sure it was due to not enough fluids. 

Of course I topped up when I got home and had a protein shake, but I need to be mindful of those situations.

I took Baby Boots into see everyone, do you think this little girl  put a smile on anyone's face?

Today's Menu
200ml Sustagen
200ml Bodyshape
200ml Tomato Soup
250ml V8 Citrus Splash Juice
140gm Strawberry Snak Pack
250ml Skinny Cappuccino

This equates to 803 cal or 3359kjs
11% of the calories are from fat, 26% from protein, 64% from carbs and 0% from alcohol.

I'm not hungry and the liquids aren't bothering me yet. 
Sometimes I *think* I am hungry and then I re-think it and realise it is head-hunger talking not real hunger.
I actually had to make myself have soup tonight and have also decided to start taking a multi-vitamin every day, once I am on mushie food's my calorie/nutrition intake is going to go up quite a bit but I still want to ensure I am getting lots of vitamins.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One Week....Yipeee!

I fought the urge to re-weigh myself this morning.  I have decided on Sunday's and Sunday's it will be!  It is absolutely bucketing down here, freezing and windy,  so I didn't do a great deal at all today. 

DH was quite handy and installed all the new blinds for our front lounge, yes - it has taken us a year to do it!  They look great and I couldn't be happier.

Nothing like sitting in your 19 degree house watching the wild wet weather outside, I am starting to think I should have all of my holidays during the winter month's, maybe I am really a bear and need to hibernate?

Overall a very good day 7 for my new lapbanded life.  I *think* that there is a bit of hunger creeping in although I still don't feel growly tummy hungry, more just an empty feeling. 

It amuses me that 3/4 a cup of soup sipped over 20 minutes fills that empty feeling!

Today's Menu

Water, water, water
200ml Sustagen
250ml V8 Juice
200ml Vlish tomatoe, spinach and feta soup
200ml Asian Laska Soup
200ml Coffee
1 Chocolate Snack Pack
1 Freddo Frog - yes I sucked him with my coffee - YUMMO!
22% of the calories are from fat, 11% from protein, 67% from carbs and 0% from alcohol.

This equates to 840 cal or 3420 kjs

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Week That Was.....

Long, painful BUT very worthwhile!

I decided that Sunday would be my official weigh in day, it fits in well as I can update my blog, pictures etc all on the same day.

So yesterday I took new photo's and did my first weigh in since surgery.  A link to the picture's is on the top left, you will need to leave me a message and I will send you the password.

I have lost a remarkable 4.5kgs or 9.9 pounds.  That's like giving birth!  I do think that I have lost 1 kg of each boob though - isn't that always the way?

I do feel pretty good today but do have some 'stitch' like pain on my lower left side which I am guessing is where the port is sitting.  Nothing a bit of Panadol won't fix.

Biggest adventure for today will be a trip to the post office I think.

My new puppy 'Boots' is settling in nicely, she is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and so sweet.  The only problem we have is that 'Buckle' our One year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is scared of her!

It is ever amusing to watch this tiny little girl chase him around the house, she wants to play, he wants to hide.

Sunday's Menu

Water - I keep a bottle with me at all times, lots of fluids are important
200ml Sustagen
200ml Bodyshape with 1/2 banana
200ml Coffee
4tablespoons jelly, 4 tablespoons custard

This equates to 670 Cal or 2815 Kjs
9% of the calories are from fat, 25% from protein, 66% from carbs and 0% from alcohol.

And I must say - this is probably not enough, I need to make effort today to get more in.  We went out in the afternoon yesterday and came home to visitors, so quite a few hours of distraction there!

Monday's Menu

200ml Sustagen
200ml Up and Go
1 Cup Chicken and Corn Soup drained
4tablespoons jelly, 4 tablespoons custard
150ml Tom Yum Seafood Soup drained
1 Strawberry Snac Pac

This equates to 885 cal or 3700 kjs
21% of the calories are from fat, 16% from protein, 64% from carbs and 0% from alcohol.

I think I was hungry late afternoon, I didn't feel hungry in the traditional sense of growling tummy hungry but I sure felt cranky until I had a bit of soup.

And I would like to know exactly what Cadbury's think they are doing?  Introducing a cherry ripe roll this early in my banding is so not fair, I have to wait another three weeks at least to sample this little delicacy!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back Home .....

Now I will probably have to do this in a couple of session because I am still quite sore and sorry for myself.  The lapband is officially in place!


We headed of to Hobart, was a quiet trip I was feeling quite reflective and not up for any great conversation's, far more concerned with thinking about what was to come. 
Settled into our room which was quite comfy and went out to find somewhere for lunch (ha! last nice lunch for a few weeks!). 
It was so cold, snow on top of the mountains so that biting wind was everywhere. 
We found a great little Cafe and I convinced DH to share a 'sample' plate with me - OMG delish!  Fresh crusty slices of french bread, two dips, smoked salmon, fresh ham, marinated artichoke, pickled onions, marinated capsicum, two cheeses, red onions and capers.  It was perfect.
After lunch we went back to the hotel, seriously too cold to do much else and there was still an hour or so until my Dr's appointment.
Eventually it was time to see the Dr, this was quite funny as for those that don't know Hobart is the Mecca of one way streets and it took us about three loops of this street before we got to the right number.  DH was suprisingly very patient through all of this.
Dr was fine - 10mins and $50 to be told that it would cost around $600 for him to keep me asleep for the 1-1.5 hour surgery.  Ok I say, after all I am in no position to negotiate, no way I want to wake up!
We had planned to go out for dinner but it was just too cold so we ordered in Pizza and had an early night. 
I actually woke up just before midnight and was awake for about two hours - nerves I guess.


We headed of to the hospital and arrived right on time - 7.30am.  Waited for about 30 minutes and was taken to my room that I would be sharing with another lady being bended.  This didn't bother me in the slightest, they where out of private rooms so what can you do? 
A nurse came in shortly after and took my obs, told me to gown up and wait - I was lucky number two on the list.  She then came back and wanted me to put some compression stockings on, fair enough, I actually had a blood clot on the lung post surgery in 1997 so any prevention sounds good to me.
Eventually down to the little waiting bay, where they took off the compression stockings and put these funny things on my legs - they wrapped around them and pumped up every few minutes, apparently helps stop blood clots forming.  My surgeon thinks that compression stockings are dangerous and hey I am not arguing in this little event he is the expert.
In to surgery at around 10am and its soon lights out for me - I wake up in just over an hour in recovery feeling really really uncomfortable and I am crying - hmmmmm more pain relief please. 
They are really good in recovery and can tell by your obs as to your level of distress, my Dr had already ordered a good dose of Fentanyl but topped it up with Morphine and I was soon comfortable - not pain free, but comfortable.
Back to my room at 12.30pm and there was my DH with flowers patiently waiting for me.  Now apparently he had been really worried about me and I was absolutely floored with how wonderful he was.  Nothing was too much trouble, he adjusted my bed, got my water, held my hand - he was just amazing!
I had a button to push for pain relief and I wasn't shy in using it, didn't see any good reason to be in pain so I did my best not to be. 
It is actually better to request/use pain relief as soon as you feel pain returning so that you have a consistant level of comfort.
I experienced a lot of gas pain, shoulder tip pain, and a persistant tightness in the centre of my chest which is also an effect of all the gas they use to blow up your tummy during surgery.
I spent the afternoon having lots of little naps along with some hot, sweaty spells (pain relief drugs) and at about 5pm dinner was served - clear broth and apple juice.............ummm nice!
The first thing I noticed was that after three or so mouthfulls I was indeed full and actually not interested in the slightest in having anymore.
At about 7pm I was up and mobile, it really helps to get up and move around frequently - yes it hurts your tummy wounds BUT it also really helps the gas disperse and that pain is far far worse in my opinion.  I also found that having my bed quite upright helped to reduce the gassy pain as well.

Wednesday - Going Home

Before discharge breakfast arrived - clear broth and apple juice.......ummmm ok.  At this point I was thinking what in the world have I let myself in for.  I was in pain and feeling a bit sorry for myself.  Wish I had felt quite as sorry for myself 50kgs ago!!  Before I could go home I had to have a barium swallow test.  Basically they give you an xray, get you to swallow some yucky yellow stuff, take another xray while you are swallowing and then take another xray five minutes later.  It didn't take long and I didn't even think the yellow stuff was that bad, maybe I had some really miserable cough medicines as a child. 
Our drive home was just over 300kms and it was a bit rough, I was sick half way home and that worried me.  What if I had torn some stitches, moved the band etc etc.  Quick call to the Dr and I was set to go, he reassured me that the xrays had looked great and it was likely to be from the pain relief drugs overnight.  Considering I didn't do much on the way home I was still exhausted by the time we got home and was more than happy to snuggle up on the recliner with my water bottle, the remote and Buckle my 1 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!


Oh boy, sore sore sore.  Wondering if I have just made the biggest mistake of my life.  Incredible gas pain overnight has left me exhausted, poor DH admitted he was considering taking me to the hospital but really this would have been an over-reaction.  There are a few things that help the yucky gas pain - heat packs, panadol, degas and movement.  I did all four of these and it did help. 
Not much happening in the liquid eating department, I am not feeling hunger of any type.  Drinking plenty of water and also managed to have:

250ml Up and Go
250ml V8 Juice
200ml Sustagen
200ml Iced Coffee

This equates to around 750 calories or 3100 kilojoules.
12% of the calories are from fat, 20% from protein, 68% from carbs and 0% from alcohol.

Now these where consumed over the whole day and sipped slowly, 50-100ml in each sitting.  I do get quite a lot of gassy pain after drinking, a bit like an unproductive burp.  It is eased quite well with heat packs and I am hoping it eases soon.  The wounds on my tummy are still quite sore as well and I walk a little hunched over like I did after the c-section with the twins, I need to remind myself to straighten up and stretch out.  I check into a lapband thread on Yahoo daily to see how other people that have had the procedure done at the same time as me are travelling and there seems to be huge variances in recovery rate's.  So I think it really is a case of each to their own.


Still had to sleep in the recliner overnight, laying down on my back feels like too much pressure and laying on my side hurts my tummy.  Feeling a little better each day and able to get around and get more and more done.  I have no idea how people with small children manage this, I guess its just a case of doing what you have to at the time.  I do wonder whether the lack of an Optifast weight loss period prior to the surgery makes the recovery longer.  The idea around the Optifast period is to allow the liver some time to reduce in size making surgery a little easier.  Maybe I just have a big old fatty liver that needed to be yanked and pulled every which way to get the lap-band in?  Will need to ask the Dr when I go back on the 9/10/10.
Today's menu - water and lots of it, introduced a bottle of cordial as well to liven up the day!

Also managed:

250ml Up and Go
250ml V8 Juice
200ml Sustagen
100ml Iced Coffee
200ml Tomato Soup

This equates to around 780 calories or 3250 kilojoules.
11% of the calories are from fat, 13% from protein, 76% from carbs and 0% from alcohol.

We also had some tragic news tonight, Danielle's best friend Bec Lambie died as a result of a car accident, she was only 29 and leaves behind her three adored children.


Managed two hours in bed last night before I went back to the recliner, once on the recliner I was soon snuggled up to Boots our new 8 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!
Isn't she just an angel?  Tiny as well fits in the palm of your hand sweet girl she is.  Feeling a little better again today, one of my first dressings came of, the girls where quite impressed with my 'wound'.  Big day to day, went out to vote and buy some bits and pieces for Boots and a new book for me.  When we got home we had visitors, Margie came over and bought 4 of Emily's friends with her.  The girls all had a great afternoon and ate chip butties for lunch while I had some tomato soup.  Quite funny that this didn't bother me in the slightest, and I usually would have had two butties, a good handfull of chips and probably a dim sim as wel!
I also helped Samantha cook dinner, chicken wrapped bacon in a creamy mushroom and spinach sauce with salad - how good does that sound?  Apparently it was delicious so I will make it again in a few weeks when I can have a cup full!  Had an easy night, as I was pretty tired from all of this new activity!

Today's menu - water, water, water and

250ml Up and Go Energise
200ml Sustagen
200ml Cup Of Coffee
100ml Tomato Soup
100ml Creamy Spinach and Bacon Sauce
Small serve low fat ice cream and jelly

This equates to 800 calories or 3400 kilojoules.
23% of the calories are from fat, 21% from protein, 57% from carbs and 0% from alcohol.

I still haven't felt 'hungry' - I am sure it is coming but so far I haven't experienced it.

Monday, August 16, 2010

One more sleep.....

Well here it is.

The drive down starts in about 20 minutes and I can tell you I am so happy Sam is driving because I don't think I could.

At the moment I am teetering on the edge of total anxious meltdown.

Scared Scared Scared - I know that this is a safe (as safe as any surgery can be) procedure and it is something I rreally need to do but I am still scared.

Breathe Breathe Breathe!

I am not expecting to be back until Wednesday afternoon and will do a full update then. 

Don't forget if you want to follow my journey via pictures as well you will need to leave me a message with your email address requesting the password.

In the meantime:

Read about my Dr - He is a great guy

Check out where we are staying tonight - Sam will stay on there while I am in hospital overnight - it was a great price $89/night for two people!

Hobart Accomadation

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Two More Sleeps...

So tomorrow morning we head down to Hobart - not long to go now!

Yesterday I said goodbye to Mr Bourban and Coke for a while - sheesh I could have missed that farewell I am really paying for it today.

Spent 7 hours in the rain watching two of our girls playing at a netball carnival - very wet and cold.

Samantha's U13 team came first and to top it off Samantha was voted Best and Fairest for her age group! 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Three more sleeps.....

Three more sleeps.
We have always counted down special occasions with the number of sleeps - birthdays, xmas, holidays, they have all been patiently waited for with the magical countdown.

This particular countdown isn't for your typical special occasion though it marks the arrival of my lapband surgery, surgery which I am hoping will take me back to a healthy, more energetic weight.
I am looking forward to the surgery but I am also anxious - is this the right thing for me, will it work (10% of lapband surgery patients fail)

I have been saying goodbye's over the last week.....McDonalds, Noodle Box, Chips & Gravy, Cheese & Onion Chips, some of my closest friends that have been around for the last couple of years supporting my impressive weight gain. I ask myself if I am truly ready for the mental challenge, I think giving up smoking may seem an easy thing to do after this, we will see.