Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lapband 6.5kgs gone in 12 days


That's about all I can say about that!  1/2 a kilo a day, you have to be happy with that.  Ok Ok I know that I am running at a cost of about $385/kilo but still.

Will update pictures tonight - leave me a message and I'll send you the password to my picture's.  be warned though I am in my bestest underwear!

The girls and I have just done a big tidy up, and we are all starting to think about what we need to pack for our few days away at Scamander.

DH was really quite worried about what I could eat while away but I have told him not to worry, worst case scenario I will have a bread and butter plate of vegies with gravy!

After nearly two full weeks on liquids I am thinking some mashed potato and pumpkin may just be heaven!

Today's Menu

Centrum Multi-V
200ml Coffee
1/2 weetbix mixed with hot water and milk till quite runny
2 scoops light ice-cream, 50grams blueberries
100gm pureed Ravioli
125gm Diet Caramel Cream
200ml Coffee

This equtes to 664 Cal or 2779 Kjs
23% of the calories are from fat, 21% from protein, 56% from carbs


Kay said...

well done! Hope the weight loss continues at this rate. I think the trick (to any weight loss) is portion size, so a bread and butter sizes plate of anything would be the way to go.

And thanks for the accommodation links....I'm filing them away for our Tassie trip planned for next year.

Lauren said...

Wow well done. I am getting banded in October in Melbourne and am following you with excitement. Thanks for sharing. My email is