Saturday, August 28, 2010

Not a lot Saturday.....

Not a lot happening here today.

Sarah went to work, Emily had a friend over, Twins read/watched tv/went for a walk and I listed on Ebay for most of the day trying to clear out some of these clothes I am drowning in.

Lapband wise it was a good day.  No pain, all wound coverings are now off and the little cuts are healing nicely.  I am starting to look forward to my 'mushie' stage starting Monday morning, only one more day of liquids, I think I have survived quite well.

Today's Menu

Water of course, the No1 menu item for a lap-bander
Centrum Multi-V
200ml Sustagen
250ml Up and Go chocolate
250gm Velish Butternut Pumpkin Soup
100gm Bulla Frozen Yogurt rasberry
200ml Coffee
1/2 cup runny porridge made with milk

This equates to 910 cal or 3809 Kjs
15% of the calories are from fat, 18% from protein, 67% from carbs

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