Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Loving Holiday's

I am really loving my holiday's.  A week and a half in, and feeling much better since the surgery I am starting to really enjoy all this free time! 

Another 2.5 weeks of pleasing myself suits me just fine.

We are heading to Scamander next week for three nights, will be nice to get away from everything and just relax with the girls.  Sarah is staying home to puppy-sit, she has a school function and work commitments, it's funny how much things change as they grow up.

I have actually been quite busy today booking various accomadation for upcoming trips, flights, all sorts of things.

We have Scamander next week, DH goes to Brisbane for a couple of days in September, Emily and I go to Hobart for a couple of days the weekend after DH gets home for her Miss Country Girl Tasmania final, then in October we have a Netball carnival in Hobart - sheeshhhh the list goes on!

To top it all off I decided to book some flights to Melbourne for DH and myself next March, right in between our birthday's.  I am planning a very indulgent weekend for just the two of us!  For once I got the Jetstar flights before they sold out - $70 return  per person. 

Now today's lapband update - it was a good day. 

I am quite 'tight' in the morning, apparently this is quite common and I am managing it by sticking to my hot Sustagen.  I have to sip sip sip it over 20-25 minutes otherwise I tend to get a bit of gassiness floating around which can be uncomfortable. 

I had to pop into work today and finalise my Performance Assessment for the new year, it actually took longer than expected and I was kicking myself on the way home for not taking a bottle of water with me, I was really tired by the time that I left and I am sure it was due to not enough fluids. 

Of course I topped up when I got home and had a protein shake, but I need to be mindful of those situations.

I took Baby Boots into see everyone, do you think this little girl  put a smile on anyone's face?

Today's Menu
200ml Sustagen
200ml Bodyshape
200ml Tomato Soup
250ml V8 Citrus Splash Juice
140gm Strawberry Snak Pack
250ml Skinny Cappuccino

This equates to 803 cal or 3359kjs
11% of the calories are from fat, 26% from protein, 64% from carbs and 0% from alcohol.

I'm not hungry and the liquids aren't bothering me yet. 
Sometimes I *think* I am hungry and then I re-think it and realise it is head-hunger talking not real hunger.
I actually had to make myself have soup tonight and have also decided to start taking a multi-vitamin every day, once I am on mushie food's my calorie/nutrition intake is going to go up quite a bit but I still want to ensure I am getting lots of vitamins.

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