Thursday, October 15, 2009

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

This crazy thing called life.....

Again, it's been MONTHS, and I really DO mean to record all those moments I need to safely store away for the future. Sometimes in the crazy whirlwind of life we really do forget to stop and look at our achievements. We are always looking forward to what we NEED to achieve instead of glorifying in what WE HAVE achieved. In recent month I have found marriage particularily painful, this whole giving of oneself to another, I don't have the time or energy for all of this do I?. I am so keenly focused on the here and now that I am too busy to stop and appreciate some of our greatest achievements.

When I do stop and think about it we have had many many achievements. The achievement of NINETEEN years together is one, we have had four beautiful children together and I marvel in the wonder that is them each and every day.

The level of love and contentment we have achieved in our home is beyond compare, the simple fulfillment of 'belonging' that each of the girls relish in is without a doubt one of the most wonderful gifts we have been able to give our children.

They belong just as they are, despite imperfections, despite tantrums, they are loved, adored and idolised each and every day for the beautiful people that they are.

I woke up during the week to hear Samantha waking Emily 'Come on sweetheart - time to get up' she crooned. 'Would you like toast and milo for breakfast or cereal?' she asks.

There is no agenda here, no prize at the end of the giving, just the love of a twelve year old sister for her ten year old sister.

I think that is pretty special.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Reason For My Insomnia.....

Is a 1kg ball of fluff named Scat the Cat.

Scat the Cat is Miss Emily's 'rescue' kitten, rescued in a disheveled state from nearby he was then shipped of to Aunty Marianne AKA Crazy Cat Lady for some TLC.

Little fellow scrubbed up ok - YES we know he is never going to win a beauty show.

After a rather stressful family vote as to the benefits of having two cats (or NOT), Scat the Cat was returned to Emily's loving arms to become another member of the household.

Now I love Scat the Cat, really I do, but I DO NOT love the 'I am a Mountain Lion watch me fight with your feet at 3am'.

It is now 5am and I am ready for sleep again..............sure hope I wake up in time for work, do you think a note from Scat the Cat will work?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh and when you get bored you can....

Jump into a polar bear enclosure for a little bit of up close and personal?!?!

Seriously this lady is crazy right?

What in the world was she thinking?

Awwwww cute big cuddly bear? Sheesh!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another Easter Without The Rabbit, Hot X Buns n More

It was our second rabbitless Easter.

That's right the girls are all old enough to know that the Easter Bunny is a myth.

We have gone from amazingly huge Easter egg hunts, requiring one to wake up in the small hours of the morning to 'hide' the eggs all around the yard, and then crossing our fingers while sneaking back to bed freezing cold hoping that the girls manage to stay in bed until 5am. We are know in an era where eggs are less important, one boxed egg gift per child was just fine, in our house there was more interest in the number of hot x buns on hand.

This is fine with me, I love hot x buns - nice and hot with butter of course, they are a staple breakfast for the WHOLE Easter weekend, and I will happily trade my chocolate egg for a well cooked hot x bun any day!

I'm not likely to miss the waking up, or the freezing cold BUT there is a small piece of me that will definitely miss the girls whispers as they 'sneak up early' and then the delighted squeals as that first egg is found.

I love you my growing up baby girls! Happy Easter.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

2009 - In One Post

How completely slack have I been? No posts since November 2008?

Seriously this year seems to passing me by in this huge whirlwind that is life!

The girls are growing up wayyyyy too quickly for my liking, it seems like yesterday that I was struggling with three under two, a pre-schooler and pre-teen. Now here we are with a grown up daughter (someday's) with two gorgeous girls of her own and our other four gorgeous girls at varying levels of independance aged 10-16!

The biggest thing for us has this year has of course been building our house - any wonder I have been too busy to blog!

We are about a month or so away from moving into our brand new house. For those of you that know us well, you would know how much of a dream this was four years ago.

Here is all our progress pictures so far, it is amazing how it comes together!

All wrapped up!
Bricking it up....
First coat of render and some cement work!