Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another Easter Without The Rabbit, Hot X Buns n More

It was our second rabbitless Easter.

That's right the girls are all old enough to know that the Easter Bunny is a myth.

We have gone from amazingly huge Easter egg hunts, requiring one to wake up in the small hours of the morning to 'hide' the eggs all around the yard, and then crossing our fingers while sneaking back to bed freezing cold hoping that the girls manage to stay in bed until 5am. We are know in an era where eggs are less important, one boxed egg gift per child was just fine, in our house there was more interest in the number of hot x buns on hand.

This is fine with me, I love hot x buns - nice and hot with butter of course, they are a staple breakfast for the WHOLE Easter weekend, and I will happily trade my chocolate egg for a well cooked hot x bun any day!

I'm not likely to miss the waking up, or the freezing cold BUT there is a small piece of me that will definitely miss the girls whispers as they 'sneak up early' and then the delighted squeals as that first egg is found.

I love you my growing up baby girls! Happy Easter.

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