Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Reason For My Insomnia.....

Is a 1kg ball of fluff named Scat the Cat.

Scat the Cat is Miss Emily's 'rescue' kitten, rescued in a disheveled state from nearby he was then shipped of to Aunty Marianne AKA Crazy Cat Lady for some TLC.

Little fellow scrubbed up ok - YES we know he is never going to win a beauty show.

After a rather stressful family vote as to the benefits of having two cats (or NOT), Scat the Cat was returned to Emily's loving arms to become another member of the household.

Now I love Scat the Cat, really I do, but I DO NOT love the 'I am a Mountain Lion watch me fight with your feet at 3am'.

It is now 5am and I am ready for sleep again..............sure hope I wake up in time for work, do you think a note from Scat the Cat will work?


Carolyn said...

OMG Trudi he is soooo cute. I love the eyeliner effect around one eye.

sassysinglemum said...

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