Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oh What does the week bring.....

A total load of shit at work and a 1.4kg loss.

Maybe the scales knew I needed a boost this week?  It was a shocker.

Started well, ended really badly.

Worst thing is I feel so totally let down.

I am not a 'get to know you & feel like friends' type of person.

But when I do 'get to know you & feel like friends' and you let me down it is pretty bad for me.

Worst still, I can't escape from you, you sit next to me and have input into every minute of my working day.

If you are having a hissy and not speaking it is really uncomfortable.

I shouldn't have to work this's not fair...........but you hold all the power because you won your position and I am just filling in............such is life..........the money isn't worth this.........

Shame I love the job.........

Sunday, November 7, 2010


These small losses and the seemingly required up/down monthly cycle are doing my head in.

I have THREE weeks until my next fill - sheesh seems a million years away.

Up by 400 grams this week - no surprises there, my boobs feel like aching, swollen rocks, my mood is crappy and it all means one thing - TTOM is upon me - gawd I really thought it was only just over wahhh!

I suffer from PMDD and my cycle can be extreme to say the least.  I really need to start taking Evening Primrose again as this does help with the fluid retention quite a bit.  As for the rest, well I continue to pray the Zoloft is enough this month and that the Imigran will knock the migraines out first go.

And of course I should haul my lazy butt off to the gym, found my membership card yesterday so that excuse is gone.....