Monday, February 25, 2008

My Kitchen Window

Inspired by the gorgeous Lynda from Lulus Bay In Cairo, this post WAS meant to be done some time ago but being super busy of course it has taken me twice as long as usual to do it.

I am in good company however as These Days Of A Busy Mum must have decided this was the week for photos as well!

This is our first kitchen window, doesn't look out onto much except trees and the fence I guess, and looking through the fly screen gives it a rather unusual effect.

Our other kitchen window looks out over the top of our clothes line which we never use due to our rather cute 2 year old Labrador.

So WHAT is outside your kitchen window?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

On a lighter note.....

I really AM ok!
Sometimes I get into a bit of a funk and as much as I try to prevent my nearly 36 year old mind from digressing it, at times has a life all of its own, one in which I am the merely the puppet and the strings have a mind of their own.

But, at times, the digression and the release of writing about it, of seeing the raw truth on screen (whatever happened to paper)resolves my inner child and truly does provide me with peace.

The girls are going to church this morning, the three younger ones anyway, and that brings me back to a subject that was raised earlier this week - FAITH.

Do you have it or don't you?

As I explained, sometimes I truly do, sometimes I can see such a glimmer of goodness surrounding something, it's a little like looking through a Kaleidescope, that I do for a moment truly believe and feel immense inner peace that all is well.

At others, I will see or hear of such utter pain and suffering that I just can't have faith, how can I have faith and believe that the suffering and pain is for the better good of all?

What do you think?

DO you have faith or not?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dear Dad

I looked your phone number up tonight.

Every now and again I check, just to make sure you are still alive.

Sad............but true.

You know you have five granddaughters and a great grand daughter who you have never seen don't you?

Sad............but true.

You know Dad, when you dropped me off at my Grandmas for the weekend I REALLY did think you where coming back on Sunday............Sunday came 7 years later.

Sad............but true.

Sometimes when Grandma's partner was making me do things that no six year old should imagine I would cry for you.

Sad............but true.

You know all I wanted was a 'REAL' family don't you Daddy?

Sad......... ..but true.

Sometimes when you I was sitting on the front fence waiting for the police to come when I was 13 and you where smacking the crap out of my step-mum I wondered why I loved you, but you know I ALWAYS did.

Sad............but true.

You know the first time I tried to kill myself was because of you don't you Daddy?

Sad............but true.

How silly was I really, to let you lack of love dictate my life for so long?

Sad............but true.

Someday I will have the courage to dial that phone number even though I KNOW you will let me down again.

Sad............but true.

And That Was That!

Our last day in Sydney was spent by having breakfast at Darling Harbour. Much to our amusement a bird kept walking in the restaurant to steal scraps from the diners. When a diner started chasing the poor little thing with his umbrella, Sarah and I where mortified however I have since discovered that the birds are a regular problem and they certainly don't benefit from their morning ventures.

Lunch was spent at the Bondi Grill. Bondi Beach is a gala event, truly an amazing experience not to be missed.

Somewhere along the way Sarah took this picture, it is 'Santa and Rudolph' undercover on their summer vacation!

I LOVE it.

As Billie says it is truly hippy Santa who needs a bit of a scrub up before donning the red suit.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More On THAT Sydney Trip

So of course the most important part of our trip was shopping. Day one we headed of to Birkinhead Point.

I actually found the public transport pretty easy to navigate and Sarah picked it up that quickly she was soon telling me which direction to head in.

Quickly grabbing some great t-shirts for Sam I spent quite a while in the Pumpkin Patch Clearance store, pretty sure that wasn't there last time I visited. Sarah bought loads of those popular teen logo t-shirts for $3 a piece she was one happy girl.

We walked and walked (and complained about it), eventually it was time to stop for lunch. Well we where going to have a Kebab but the where lured in by a Crepe wrap.

Now this is one thing you certainly don't get in little old Tassie. Sarah had Chicken and Pineapple while I went for a more mexican version complete with sour cream.

The shop owner was a lovely guy and thought our interest was quite refreshing although maybe a touch crazy! I am hooked - glad they DON'T have them here because I am sure they aren't that good for you buy boy they are tasty!

First the crepe is placed on the hot plate, see how half has Sarah's topping and half has mine.


Once cooked it is folded over ready to eat! YUM!


And the best crepe cooker in Sydney!


After all that excitement we grabbed a bus back to the city and headed over to the Queen Victoria Building which is a shopping wonderland all of its on. Can you imagine the shock on Sarah's face when she realised Supre spanned five floors!!!

I picked up a t-shirt in XXS from Supre for Em, and was a tad disgusted when I got home to realise it was nearly too small for my bony nine year old.

Now of course the whole trip was planned with Sarahs 15th birthday in mind, so on the way back to the hotel we needed to locate a small cake.

85 degrees on George street was the prefect place to visit!

Mouth watering decadence at every turn, we settled for coffee and strawberry.


And of course no cake is complete without candles.


After a late afternoon nap the girl and headed of to see Juno, which was a fantastic movie!

Along the way we saw a homeless man sitting outside a pizza slice shop.

That was a first for Miss 15 and a bit of a shock that it is real life issue and not something that is just a tv fantasy.

I slipped $10 into his hand, which seemed inadequate, and he says 'god bless you love' I nearly cried, for I don't need the blessing, I am truly blessed already, my family, my friends, a good job, a safe home, my health. So I simply said 'No God bless you and keep you safe' and walked away close to tears.

Before our movie we went into an arcade style place and took some pictures in a photo booth together, much to our amusement we couldn't work out how to use the machine as it was all in Chinese.

After the movie, a quick stop by KFC on George Street which Sarah says is the most happening KFC she has ever seen, three floors complete with wide screen movie screens belting out the latest dance mix and a security guard to ensure no one steals your chicken!

A late night Sauna and Swim at the hotel rounded of a great day!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

That Sydney Trip

That I loved every second of has left me absolutely exhausted!

First there was the grand arrival - nice hotel:
Ummmm wrong state!

Yes our 8.40pm Jetstar flight from Launceston was canceled at 10pm. Never having had this happen before I was clueless but soon discovered that passengers 1-65 where guaranteed early morning direct flights to Sydney. Oops we where 70 and 71!!!

The rest of us got different offers, ours was transfers to the Mercure, overnight accommodation and then a Sydney flight the next afternoon via Melbourne.

Well an adventure is an adventure, what can I say? Miss 15 got to spend her birthday in THREE different states and we did eventually arrive in Sydney at about 6.30pm on the Friday night.

One small problem - the hotel we booked via Stand By Rateswas not actually booked! I kid you not! We had the confirmation number, deposit paid and they did not have our booking. Can you believe that?!?!?! AND they where booked out anyway - no room for us. Fortunately my great friend from work answered my SOS call and snappily arranged discounted accommodation for us at the Medina grand on Kent - whew!

Hungry and tired we headed of to George St for a bite to eat and thus began our Sydney adventure!

Stay tuned!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hitting The Big Smoke

Well its Miss 14s big 15th birthday tommorow and this year for whatever crazy reason I agreed to take her to Sydney for the weekend.

We have the flight booked, hotel booked and an itinery that is fun but not too crushing to the non-existant after xmas budget!

There are things I wanted to do that I couldn't fit in or afford but from Birkinhead Point to Luna Park, from Taronga Zoo to the Opera House we are going to fit in a lot over the next three days!

I am so looking forward to spending the three days with my crazy big little girl!

Who could not love her!



Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Goodbye Again Super Princess

I was reading Sheye's Blog the other day and marvelling at how she can openly share her story with so many.

I'm not sure that even Sheye understands what a gift to the world it has been, and continues to be.

All around the world people have been touched, and they stop, stop to consider and appreciate what otherwise may rush by in a blur of day to day life.

Sheye wrote the other day, how she awoke terrified with the realisation she would never see Ava again.

I have felt that terror, when you awake suddenly sure that something terrifyingly awful has happened, then slowly your heart stops racing, your breath evens out and you realise its ok it was just a dream.

For Sheye it isn't ok, its not just a dream and at times I am sure that it hurts to breathe, and for that I cry and remember how lucky I am.

As I lay in bed last night surrounded by my little girls I felt extremely blessed that we are all healthy, safe and well.

That is something I had often taken for granted. I don't anymore.

Now I stop to listen to stories I may have previously brushed aside, to listen to a silly song I may have only half heard before, to give a real hug not just a half 'I'm in a hurry hug', but the real hug where for just one moment nothing else matters and the world and its worries disappear.

And each and every day I say I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

Thank you Sheye, to you and your family for being able to share your incredible gift 'Ava - The Super Princess' with all of us, it means more than you may ever know.

Shine your love down on Mummy, Daddy and all of your family today sweet Ava for they miss you so very much.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ava Rosemeyer

To spare a thought, shed a tear, and light a candle for someone we hold so dear.

Twelve months ago little Super Princess Ava Rosemeyer went into the family car whether to hide, or search for lollies, who knows what was racing through her innocent three year old thoughts.

Her mummy thought she was with her beloved grandpa and her grandpa thought she was safely with her mummy.

When they discovered her not 30 minutes later she was raced to the hospital where they frantically tried to stabalise her.

Two days later, Ava passed away, the 5th February 2007.

Please light a candle at Ava Rosemeyer

And send the family all your love this week.

Visit Sheye's Blog and leave a message.

And if you are able, on the 5th of February please release a pink balloon in Ava's Memory.