Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Goodbye Again Super Princess

I was reading Sheye's Blog the other day and marvelling at how she can openly share her story with so many.

I'm not sure that even Sheye understands what a gift to the world it has been, and continues to be.

All around the world people have been touched, and they stop, stop to consider and appreciate what otherwise may rush by in a blur of day to day life.

Sheye wrote the other day, how she awoke terrified with the realisation she would never see Ava again.

I have felt that terror, when you awake suddenly sure that something terrifyingly awful has happened, then slowly your heart stops racing, your breath evens out and you realise its ok it was just a dream.

For Sheye it isn't ok, its not just a dream and at times I am sure that it hurts to breathe, and for that I cry and remember how lucky I am.

As I lay in bed last night surrounded by my little girls I felt extremely blessed that we are all healthy, safe and well.

That is something I had often taken for granted. I don't anymore.

Now I stop to listen to stories I may have previously brushed aside, to listen to a silly song I may have only half heard before, to give a real hug not just a half 'I'm in a hurry hug', but the real hug where for just one moment nothing else matters and the world and its worries disappear.

And each and every day I say I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

Thank you Sheye, to you and your family for being able to share your incredible gift 'Ava - The Super Princess' with all of us, it means more than you may ever know.

Shine your love down on Mummy, Daddy and all of your family today sweet Ava for they miss you so very much.

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Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Your girls are lucky to have you Trudi!