Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More On THAT Sydney Trip

So of course the most important part of our trip was shopping. Day one we headed of to Birkinhead Point.

I actually found the public transport pretty easy to navigate and Sarah picked it up that quickly she was soon telling me which direction to head in.

Quickly grabbing some great t-shirts for Sam I spent quite a while in the Pumpkin Patch Clearance store, pretty sure that wasn't there last time I visited. Sarah bought loads of those popular teen logo t-shirts for $3 a piece she was one happy girl.

We walked and walked (and complained about it), eventually it was time to stop for lunch. Well we where going to have a Kebab but the where lured in by a Crepe wrap.

Now this is one thing you certainly don't get in little old Tassie. Sarah had Chicken and Pineapple while I went for a more mexican version complete with sour cream.

The shop owner was a lovely guy and thought our interest was quite refreshing although maybe a touch crazy! I am hooked - glad they DON'T have them here because I am sure they aren't that good for you buy boy they are tasty!

First the crepe is placed on the hot plate, see how half has Sarah's topping and half has mine.


Once cooked it is folded over ready to eat! YUM!


And the best crepe cooker in Sydney!


After all that excitement we grabbed a bus back to the city and headed over to the Queen Victoria Building which is a shopping wonderland all of its on. Can you imagine the shock on Sarah's face when she realised Supre spanned five floors!!!

I picked up a t-shirt in XXS from Supre for Em, and was a tad disgusted when I got home to realise it was nearly too small for my bony nine year old.

Now of course the whole trip was planned with Sarahs 15th birthday in mind, so on the way back to the hotel we needed to locate a small cake.

85 degrees on George street was the prefect place to visit!

Mouth watering decadence at every turn, we settled for coffee and strawberry.


And of course no cake is complete without candles.


After a late afternoon nap the girl and headed of to see Juno, which was a fantastic movie!

Along the way we saw a homeless man sitting outside a pizza slice shop.

That was a first for Miss 15 and a bit of a shock that it is real life issue and not something that is just a tv fantasy.

I slipped $10 into his hand, which seemed inadequate, and he says 'god bless you love' I nearly cried, for I don't need the blessing, I am truly blessed already, my family, my friends, a good job, a safe home, my health. So I simply said 'No God bless you and keep you safe' and walked away close to tears.

Before our movie we went into an arcade style place and took some pictures in a photo booth together, much to our amusement we couldn't work out how to use the machine as it was all in Chinese.

After the movie, a quick stop by KFC on George Street which Sarah says is the most happening KFC she has ever seen, three floors complete with wide screen movie screens belting out the latest dance mix and a security guard to ensure no one steals your chicken!

A late night Sauna and Swim at the hotel rounded of a great day!

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Emma-Kate Castricum said...

So glad you had a good trip, even if it wasn't what you had planned exactly!
Will there be another Sydney post?

God I love those crepe wraps, there's a place in Melbourne that do them. It's Japanese and they have these strange but amazing tasting concoctions. My fav is strawberry, nutella and custard. Siounds revolting but tastes divine.