Sunday, February 17, 2008

That Sydney Trip

That I loved every second of has left me absolutely exhausted!

First there was the grand arrival - nice hotel:
Ummmm wrong state!

Yes our 8.40pm Jetstar flight from Launceston was canceled at 10pm. Never having had this happen before I was clueless but soon discovered that passengers 1-65 where guaranteed early morning direct flights to Sydney. Oops we where 70 and 71!!!

The rest of us got different offers, ours was transfers to the Mercure, overnight accommodation and then a Sydney flight the next afternoon via Melbourne.

Well an adventure is an adventure, what can I say? Miss 15 got to spend her birthday in THREE different states and we did eventually arrive in Sydney at about 6.30pm on the Friday night.

One small problem - the hotel we booked via Stand By Rateswas not actually booked! I kid you not! We had the confirmation number, deposit paid and they did not have our booking. Can you believe that?!?!?! AND they where booked out anyway - no room for us. Fortunately my great friend from work answered my SOS call and snappily arranged discounted accommodation for us at the Medina grand on Kent - whew!

Hungry and tired we headed of to George St for a bite to eat and thus began our Sydney adventure!

Stay tuned!


Lynda said...

waiting with bated breath.... so what did you buy???? So wish I could have been there.

Vanessa and Kara said...

omfg LMAO..... Jetstar are just shockers.......they cancel more flights than they actually fly I reckon :P

Sounds like you still had a blast though :) xx

Elita said...

Good post.