Sunday, February 24, 2008

On a lighter note.....

I really AM ok!
Sometimes I get into a bit of a funk and as much as I try to prevent my nearly 36 year old mind from digressing it, at times has a life all of its own, one in which I am the merely the puppet and the strings have a mind of their own.

But, at times, the digression and the release of writing about it, of seeing the raw truth on screen (whatever happened to paper)resolves my inner child and truly does provide me with peace.

The girls are going to church this morning, the three younger ones anyway, and that brings me back to a subject that was raised earlier this week - FAITH.

Do you have it or don't you?

As I explained, sometimes I truly do, sometimes I can see such a glimmer of goodness surrounding something, it's a little like looking through a Kaleidescope, that I do for a moment truly believe and feel immense inner peace that all is well.

At others, I will see or hear of such utter pain and suffering that I just can't have faith, how can I have faith and believe that the suffering and pain is for the better good of all?

What do you think?

DO you have faith or not?


T said...

Hmmmmmm faith - I have struggled with this one a lot.

I was raised catholic but don't think I had faith until mid twenties, it was shaken to it's core when Grace died. Then again there were times I could feel a presence holding me up, saying I understand I lost my son too.

In the end my answer is yes, it can't not be. To think that those hours with Grace would be all I had, would kill me. So I have faith in the belief we WILL be reunited one day and I will hold her and tell her I love her forever.

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

What a difficult question Trudi.

I was raised a Catholic in that we went to Catholic schools. Both my parents had such strict Catholic upbringings that they rebelled by not wanting anything to do with the church, so I really still have no idea why they sent us to Cath schools but anyway..

I just can't believe that there is only one RIGHT religion. I have a lot of faith but not in a certain religion.
I guess I believe in more of a Budhhist ideal, in what you do now wiil influence your next lives. We are here to lean lessons so we don't keep repeating our mistakes over and over.I also believe that we keep coming back again with the same people to learn our lessons with one another.

Who knows I'm probably totally way off but as long as you have faith in something right?