Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hitting The Big Smoke

Well its Miss 14s big 15th birthday tommorow and this year for whatever crazy reason I agreed to take her to Sydney for the weekend.

We have the flight booked, hotel booked and an itinery that is fun but not too crushing to the non-existant after xmas budget!

There are things I wanted to do that I couldn't fit in or afford but from Birkinhead Point to Luna Park, from Taronga Zoo to the Opera House we are going to fit in a lot over the next three days!

I am so looking forward to spending the three days with my crazy big little girl!

Who could not love her!




Lynda said...

Stunning! Have fun you two!

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

We were down your end of the world in Hobart last week and loved it, it's so lay back and easy to get around. But Sydney, well thats the opposite, crazy but a shoppers heaven. (nearly as good as my Melbourne LOL)
My mum, sisters and I used to fly up for a days shopping to Sydney every couple of months before all the babies came along and have such a ball!Just the girls, I'm envious of you!

Have a great time, I can just imagine the day when Kitty and I can get away for a Mother/Daughter bonding trip, Craig will have my credit cards cut off before the plane takes off!!

Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl, she looks so much older than 15, or am I getting so old I'm out of touch with teenagers?? All the same she's gorgeous, I always tell Craig I only married him to get red headed children!!!