Saturday, August 14, 2010

Three more sleeps.....

Three more sleeps.
We have always counted down special occasions with the number of sleeps - birthdays, xmas, holidays, they have all been patiently waited for with the magical countdown.

This particular countdown isn't for your typical special occasion though it marks the arrival of my lapband surgery, surgery which I am hoping will take me back to a healthy, more energetic weight.
I am looking forward to the surgery but I am also anxious - is this the right thing for me, will it work (10% of lapband surgery patients fail)

I have been saying goodbye's over the last week.....McDonalds, Noodle Box, Chips & Gravy, Cheese & Onion Chips, some of my closest friends that have been around for the last couple of years supporting my impressive weight gain. I ask myself if I am truly ready for the mental challenge, I think giving up smoking may seem an easy thing to do after this, we will see.

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