Monday, August 23, 2010

The Week That Was.....

Long, painful BUT very worthwhile!

I decided that Sunday would be my official weigh in day, it fits in well as I can update my blog, pictures etc all on the same day.

So yesterday I took new photo's and did my first weigh in since surgery.  A link to the picture's is on the top left, you will need to leave me a message and I will send you the password.

I have lost a remarkable 4.5kgs or 9.9 pounds.  That's like giving birth!  I do think that I have lost 1 kg of each boob though - isn't that always the way?

I do feel pretty good today but do have some 'stitch' like pain on my lower left side which I am guessing is where the port is sitting.  Nothing a bit of Panadol won't fix.

Biggest adventure for today will be a trip to the post office I think.

My new puppy 'Boots' is settling in nicely, she is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and so sweet.  The only problem we have is that 'Buckle' our One year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is scared of her!

It is ever amusing to watch this tiny little girl chase him around the house, she wants to play, he wants to hide.

Sunday's Menu

Water - I keep a bottle with me at all times, lots of fluids are important
200ml Sustagen
200ml Bodyshape with 1/2 banana
200ml Coffee
4tablespoons jelly, 4 tablespoons custard

This equates to 670 Cal or 2815 Kjs
9% of the calories are from fat, 25% from protein, 66% from carbs and 0% from alcohol.

And I must say - this is probably not enough, I need to make effort today to get more in.  We went out in the afternoon yesterday and came home to visitors, so quite a few hours of distraction there!

Monday's Menu

200ml Sustagen
200ml Up and Go
1 Cup Chicken and Corn Soup drained
4tablespoons jelly, 4 tablespoons custard
150ml Tom Yum Seafood Soup drained
1 Strawberry Snac Pac

This equates to 885 cal or 3700 kjs
21% of the calories are from fat, 16% from protein, 64% from carbs and 0% from alcohol.

I think I was hungry late afternoon, I didn't feel hungry in the traditional sense of growling tummy hungry but I sure felt cranky until I had a bit of soup.

And I would like to know exactly what Cadbury's think they are doing?  Introducing a cherry ripe roll this early in my banding is so not fair, I have to wait another three weeks at least to sample this little delicacy!


Kay said...

Hi Trudi, sounds like it's going ok so far. I've been thinking of you, wondering how it's going.

A workmate had lap banding done about 12mths ago; the weight loss has been slow but steady and not without a few hiccups but I think she's happy with it now. Initially she was disappointed the weight didn't fall off more quickly but I think her expectations were a bit high.

Trudi said...

Funny how we all take years to put the weight on and then want it off in 6 months isn't it. Slow but steady wins the long term race.