Friday, August 27, 2010

Not long to go.....

Three more sleeps and I will start on some solid food!

Of course it will be mushy blended food for me, but it will be lots of different types of food.

Sarah said that the weight is falling off me, let's hope Sunday morning's weigh in reflects that.

Today's Menu

Water - but you knew that right?
1 x Centrum Multi
200ml Sustagen
200ml Up and Go Banana
125gm Nestles Rolo
200ml Asian Laska Soup, noodles drained off
200ml Coffee
100gm Bulla Frozen Fruit and Yogurt

This equates to 988 cal or 4130 Kjs
23% of the calories are from fat, 14% from protein, 63% from carbs

According to Calorie King I can have 1700 calories per dayso once I can have mushie food and solid food I will be looking to stay under this amount.

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