Thursday, September 2, 2010

Home.....There is no place like home...

Going away is fun, but you sure do look forward to getting home.

We had a great time, despite moving accomadation for the last part of our trip and I have some great photo's to share.

Will update fully Friday/Saturday.

In the meantime - Kay you are just going to love the pictures of the "Pub in the Paddock" with the beer swilling pig - put it on your must visit list!

Newbie lap-banders/future lap-banders - the mushie stage is heaven!  General rule - a lit bit of anything that is soft in consistancy and chew chew chew, take it slowly and all will be well.

While away I tested the waters with a few different things - scrambled eggs, a couple of bites of bacon, some chicken and prawn in a creamy white wine sauce with pasta, chips and gravy - yes all 12 of them!

It was great and not once have I felt deprived in any way, I just feel in control and I can tell you it is a GREAT feeling.

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