Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What's the fat in that?

One of the things that I need to address I guess FAT CONTENT, I need to learn more about the good and bad fats.

It's all well and good to be having 1000 or so calories a day but I need to be careful of the fat content. 

Yesterday was a shocker - today a slight improvement and I am sure tomorrow will be even better!

I did hit the gym today so that should help, tomorrow the twins and I are going to the Imagenarium which is having a sporting display, that should be super fun and keep us nicely active for the morning!

I was so excited to find a size 16 top yesterday that fit me perfectly!  I love it, and it made me start browsing for more clothes, like I need an excuse I do shop constantly for the girls, I mean Miss 11 has 26 summer dresses hanging and ready to go -  BUT shopping for me is a new experience.

This excitement led me to buy a dress - I haven't worn a dress in..........ten years maybe?

I bought this one a couple of sizes down, it can be my first 'target' dress.

What do you think?

I just ADORE it. 

And my 'menu' for the last couple of day's

Saturday's Menu

1 x Centrum Multi Vitamin
1 x 220ml Coffee
1 x McCafe Cappuccino
1/2 slice McCafe Fruit Toast with butter
100 gram I&J Fish Fillet
95 grams tuna in oil
3/4 cup potato bake
1/2 Vanilla Snack Pack Custard

This equates to 982 cal or 4105 Kjs
41% of the calories are from fat, 24% from protein, 35% from carbs

Sunday's Menu

1 x Centrum Multi Vitamin
3/4 crumpet
1 x soft fried egg
1 x 220ml coffee
100 gram I&J Fish Fillet
3 x Cruskits with margarine and vegemite
3/4 crumbed chicken burger
Small portion chips and gravy

This equates to 986 Cal or 4125 Kjs
43% of the calories are from fat, 23% from protein, 34% from carbs

Monday's Menu

1 x Centrum Multi Vitamin
1 x 220ml Coffee
1 x small movie popcorn
20 x Maltesers - oopppsss :o)
3 x cruskits with tuna and cheese
1/2 lamb chop with potatoes, carrots and peas
1 x Bulla Crunch Icecream

This equates to 1259 Cal or 5258 Kjs
43% of the calories are from fat, 18% from protein, 39% from carbs

Tuesday's Menu

1 x Centrum Multivitamin
1 x 150 gram Cappaccino Le Rice
1 x Cup my special low fat Nacho's with a tablespoon each of light sour cream and avocado
1 x Cup Pasta Bake & one piece garlic bread
1/2 Rasberry Muffin

This equates to 1047 Cal or 4372 Kjs
39% of the calories are from fat, 13% from protein, 48% from carbs

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April Curtis said...

I Lovee this blogg. I am obbessd with my weight. When i seen this i was so impressed, that not only
I is trying to work on calories. You are an inspiration. :)


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