Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lapband = THANKYOU

Ok Ok - technically the band hasn't done ALL the work because I am making choices about what I eat and about the excercise I do to assist the band.

What the band has done however is allow me to follow those golden diet rules 'a little bit of everything' without feeling hungry!

Weigh in this morning and another 1.7kgs GONE!

Will update pictures later today, if you would like to follow my journey via weekly pictures please leave a comment and I will email you the password.

Oh here is a picture of me on holidays last week, the pants I am wearing - a size 20 - are now to big, lucky for me I already had the size 18 ready and waiting to go.  Thanks goodness for my wonderful ladies in the US who post me over bargains from OLD NAVY.

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Bella Noche said...

Congrats on your ongoing success! I was banded last week, still trying to get used to the liquid stage. I am also blogging my weight loss journey. I'll visit you often! Best wishes.