Thursday, September 16, 2010

Totally out of control

No - not with the lapband, that is all going well, my first 'fill' is this Saturday which is great.

I can see those calories creeping up over the last two weeks - 800, 900, 1000, 1100 - now hovering at around 1200 a day but I feel good and a small fill will get me back down to the 1000 calorie mark which seems to be the optimum for bandits.

What is totally out of control is our weather here in Tassie.  It is blowing a gale!

All I can hear is the wind ripping through the trees, over roofs and rain pelting down.  The dogs are scared senseless and barking at every creak and groan of the fences.

Hopefully it clears up somwhat tomorrow because I am meant to be heading down to Hobart for Miss Em's 'Little Miss Country Girl Tasmania' debut!  Oh the things we do.

Will update in full on Sunday, the first week back at work has been a shocker! 

First abusive customer seen today and he was a doosie, standing 30cm away from me screaming abuse into my face what a charmer!


Kay said...

I read about your wild weather! We're still debating the best time to visit....I WAS thinking maybe end Sept/beg Oct next year but am re-thinking that now!! LOL

Azza said...

hey i was wondering if i could have a look at your progress photos