Thursday, May 17, 2007

I've been Tagged!

I have been tagged by the beutilicious, scrumptious, damn fine sexy L from Lulus Bay if you want recipes to die for and just a great read best go and see what the girl is up to!

Right the weekend is here and I have a litte more time to ponder my answers.

I have to write about:

1. Four of my favourite jobs.
2. Four of my favourite local places.
3. Four of my favourite foods.
4. Four of my favourite international places and name four people I am tagging

Number one on my favourite job list was in a stinky little hot laundromat, now to appreciate the heat in this place picture the scene, a tin shed with eight industrial clothes driers running non stop, a couple of ironing presses all set in the middle of the Northern Territory during the wet season..................ah yes thats right feel the humidity in the air as thick as fog, your clothes sticking to most would say what in the world is this doing on your list? Well the owner was a bit of a hottie and we had a gorgeous three month fling so every day I went to work was spent in an absolute haze of hot lust.

The next favourite job was at a chemical company, I worked there for six years and worked my way up from being the part-time receptionist to the fulltime regional office manager, I juggled the power suit and a couple of kidlets, went to the gym every day and really lived the corporate dream. Sadly my dream all ended when I returned after maternity leave to find the boss shagging my replacement, believe me life was never the same and I left a few months later, I always consoled myself with the fact I had actually managed to shag on his desk before him anyway, no great loss.

Then of course there was the roadhouse, now the roadhouse was a nifty little business I picked up for a song with a stroke of hard work and some good luck. In a popular tourist drive through town in South Australias mid north the roadhouse WAS my new baby. The hours where long but I loved it, the people where great, I perfected THE BEST steak sandwich in Pt Wakefield and learnt everything there is to know about the blood, sweat and tears involved in working for yourself. I consider it a success as I sold it two years later for six time what I paid - I told you I got it for a song.

Last on my favourite job list would be the job I have now. I work for the Federal Government and you really just cant go past the working conditions, leave allowances and superannuation. I have an interesting job and truly love going each day.

My favourite four local places would be the beach down the road from me where I love walking with the girls and my silly labrador.

The Oasis swim centre where you can hire out the pool privately for an hour at a time which is fantastic for those like me, who's idea of a bathing suit is a big baggy t-shirt and boardies,

The Wharf Hotel where I love to go for lunch or dinner and sit out on the balcony and watch the world go by, there Atlantic Chicken is scrumptious and their pub loafs with garlic butter a must have treat.

And my home - well that's local isnt it? My home is my haven, I truly LOVE closing the door and shutting the world out.

Favourite foods - only four? This could be hard.

Pizza - I love a pizza with lashings of ham, bacon, pepperoni, sundried tomatoes mushroom and pineapple.

Nachos - yum!

Roast - any type, just traditional roast with baked vegies and gravy.

Garlic King Prawns - just love them, on steak, on chicken, on their own........

Favourite International Places - well I havent travelled Internationally yet but Im guessing Id love New York because its busy busy with something happening everywhere, Turtle Island because its so decadent, Paris because it just looks sooooooo nice, and Latvia because Id like to see where my paternal grandmother was from.

Who are the lucky people I am tagging today?

Crazy Trace Because I am loving reading about her big bike trip, only up to day three, but its damn good reading.

Jodie A new blog that I read, just love her posts.

Rachael Gorgeous girl with gorgeous kidlets.

Jessica A random blog that caught my eye, going back to read more.


Lynda said...

Yeahhhhhhh - Can't wait!!! LOL

Sue xx said...

OMG very very excited!!!!!!!
Sue xxxxxxxxx

Lynda said...

Hey - deal is you are supposed to put the PERSON WHO TAGGED YOU at th top of the post so that all your followers will come over to the dark side ... my blog!!

You are a dirty girl - and I like that in a friend - got all steamed up just reading about your little job in the NT - very brian brownish!!!

Rachael said...

Hi Trudi, I love the way you set the scene when you write, being a real visual person I'm there!! Some of your stories just crack me up. Thanks for the tag , sounds like fun!

Trudi said...

Sweetie when you look like you do you can be excused for being mistaken for being a young single gal with cotton wool between the ears, ENJOY IT!