Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What it takes

to get to work..........

Some days are just IMPOSSIBLE. You just know the moment you burn your toast and spill your tea that things aren't looking bright, and if you could, your best bet would be to run as quickly as you can back to bed and pull the quilt wayyyy up over your head and forget the day even started.

It all started just as I was leaving the house, the moment the front door closed behind me I KNEW two things:

1. My lunch bag was still sitting on the kitchen table

2. The house keys where hanging on the kitchen hook.


Since I have changed my work hours to be home earlier, I only have a half hour lunch so its pretty important I have my lunch with me, the keys, not such an issue, Sarah has a set and would be home before me.

A quick dash around the house to check if the back door is unlocked results in a stand off between my excitable 12 month old Labrador and me in my politically correct business suit - eeekkkk DON'T jump - Oh god PLEEEEEEEZZZEEEEEE don't jump..............whew and of course the back door is indeed locked.

Hmmmm what to do what to do..............spy the dining room window slightly open....BINGO...ok its five feet of the ground what to do what to do, ok prepare for action, wheelie bin in place, milk crate in place WAIT, dirt - cripes cant get dirt on the politically correct suit, grab towels from clothes dryer to line proposed entry point to house I think I can I think I can - YEAHHHHsuccess, the rush is as sweet as a piece of Cadbury's.

Grab bag, dash to front door, open door and WAITTTTTTT cats charge in the house, orange tabby one way, black fluffy the other! Arghhhhh, round up cats and out the door, just as I slam the door I realise.........................


Back through the dining room window, and out the door in one piece this time.

Jump into car as its Netball day and I'm driving (please remind me to put HOUSE keys ON new car keys), whew of I go. Get to lights and....................WTF.................Orange cat is laying curled up on back seat of car..................................nope not my morning at all!


Brissiemum2 said...

Baaaahaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Dont cha just love mornings like that!

Tracey said...

I'm sorry! I had to laugh! You've gotta hate days like that.. but at least they make for a good blog post later!

Kate said...

Oh I loved the fact that the cat was on the back seat!!!!

What did you do? Leave it there ALL day????


Rachael said...

I know it wasn't for you, but sorry that was hysterical for me!!
loved it.

Trudi said...

LOL - I did drop the cat home, and I had a good laugh about it. Went to work and shared the story so everyone started the day with a smile, personally I was just relieved to ACTUALLY get there!

Lynda said...

LOL that was a funny read - the picture of you climbing through the window, in your PC suit, balanced delicately on a wheelie bin... fantastic! What a way to start the day!