Monday, May 7, 2007

The Food Chain

My husband has a rather cute concept with regards to different people. He likes to think we, as a family are slightly higher up on the food chain then others, and lower then some as well.

It all started with the neighbours, they are a little different and while my idea of a walk with the kids involves taking them to the beach for a run/walk/play, hers involves walking around the corner to the park with them and a couple of cans of vodka pre-mix to get her through the park session.

Now don't jump down my throat here, I do of course understand that there could be any number of reasons or indeed excuses for this, but my husband will have none of it, in his opinion it is as simple as her being a little lower on the food chain.

The 'food chain excuse' as I have come to think of it, is really a pretty cute concept and I tend to apply it to everyday situations now, its my favourite joke of the moment.

For example lady at the supermarket who bumped into my trolley and then told me to 'Fuck Off' , is simply lower on the food chain than me, quite understandable behaviour really. Given that I can now understand this behaviour I don't get upset, its all because of the 'food chain' of course!

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Lynda said...

Interesting concept - dh might be on to something there!