Monday, May 7, 2007

Bad Joke - May Offend

Now if this joke bothers you please dont comment as you have been WARNED it may offend.

It can probably be classed as in completely poor taste, but it did make me laugh.

Two Iraqi woman are in the school yard discussing their many children.

The first says 'You remember my son Habid?"
The second "Oh yes! I remember when Habid left school, he is such a good boy"
The first says "Oh yes well Habid is a Martyr now"
The second says "Oh Dear, well you remember my son Alah"
The first says "Oh yes I remember when Alah started school!"
The second says "Ah well alas Alah is a Martyr too"
The first sighs and says "They just blow up so soon these days"

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