Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekly update

Yes it's two days early, but what can I say tomorrow is Grand Final day - again, and I don't plan on being very good, and I don't plan on doing much of anything on Sunday either.

Drum-roll please .............. another 1.5 kgs GONE - wooohooo!

I couldn't be happier.

I thought around Tuesday that this may be an interesting week as suddenly the fill I had two weeks ago seems to have kicked in and I am full after a slice of toast. 

Its also been really strange as one day I was full after a slice of toast, the next I hate half a serve of sweet and sour pork and was quite surprised with what I managed, that night three mouthfuls and bang - full again!

This whole lapband jopurney is really interesting.

I also think that I may have actually lost more weight the week prior but because it was that time of the month it didn't reflect on the scales.

I wore my first size 'Large' top yesterday and have a draw full of clothes ready to grow into!

Very exciting times.

So six weeks since surgery and nearly 12 kilos gone - I am completely happy with that!


The Babbling Bandit said...

Wow! 12 kilos in 6 weeks is amazing. Great work.

Liz said...

Wowwww! 12kg, thats very impressive. I had surgery 10 days ago and have only lost 4.5kg, so I'm going a little slower.

Congrats on getting into a large top!

Also...I had a look at your dogs....simply GORGEOUS!!!! I love king charles cavaliers. My grandpa has one that is living with me at the moment, his name is Henry. They are gorgeous aren't they!!

All the best, I'm sure I'll read from you soon :)