Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oh I am really quite good after all.....

No football final blow out - my sister in law is doing a new diet - 'healthy inspirations' and instead of the usual junky lunch on offer she made some amazing, healthy and totally delish dishes.

I loved the spinach, tomato and mushroom frittata it was sooooo yummy!

We ended up coming home just after midnight, I drove, got stopped by a breathalyser......there is something very satisying about getting pulled over with a car full of drunk people and being 0.00, it's just such a 'see I am such a good girl officer' moment.

Of course getting home and joining in with the drunken people and being awake when the sun came up may have been something I could have lived without, talk about seedy!  On a positive though I did not eat all the usual junk foods while drinking, and did not have a big KFC recovery meal either...............sleep and water work a treat!

Hope everyone has seen the weight watchers mini-meals - perfect for work lunches.

I have had the creamy mushroom penne and creamy tuna penne, both taste quite good for a frozen meal, and the size is brilliant for a bandit.

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alycejo said...

ohhh these look delicious!
I've never come across the mini meals
might check them out!

also thanks for the lovely comments
I would really love to see your have done really well so far, congrats!!

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