Saturday, October 9, 2010

2.5ml and 1.5ml = 4ml

That is what we are up to.

Doesn't feel any different yet, maybe it will in the morning?

I have to giggle at the number of people my Dr sees on his visits - about 150 each day on the Saturday and Sunday. Hmmmm now 150 x $140= $21,000 x 2 = $42,000 no wonder my Mum told me to marry a Dr!!!!!

It goes something like this.....

Hello's as you walk up the hallway, jump on the scales - good they are going down, jump on the bed, he is a master filler - in and out in seconds, have a drink before you go & seeya in six weeks.

But I love him, the no nonsense, no bullshit style is perfect!


alycejo said...

that sounds exactly the same as my fill visits!
so very very quick
but why do you have to wait 6 weeks?!
I go in every 2 weeks until I reach my sweet spot

Trudi said...

My Dr is normally a 8 hour return trip away but I can see him every six weeks via a 3.5 hour return trip. Guess if I want to speed things up I will need to do the big trips.

The Babbling Bandit said...

Wow, that is in and out! My surgeon seems to churn through the patients too. Will be interesting to see how quickly he gets the fill in when I go in a week and a half. I just hope it doesn't hurt!