Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why do we do it?

Eat the things we know we shouldn't.

Travelling along quite nicely until the afternoon meeting where I produced two bowls of lollies for the group to share - yeah right what a joke really I wanted a few myself didn't I.

Then after dinner, having to drop Miss 11 at her modelling classes of course I decided that it would be a good idea to get the twins a reward of McFlurries for being the two most sane people in the house.  Of course this meant I could justify a chocolate sundae for myself, and as I was ordering the word large came out of my mouth all of its own accord.

About halfway through eating this I realised that I was staring 502 calories right in the face (as per Calorie King my new best/worst enemy) so to make myself feel a little better at the 3/4 mark I started feeding my darling Cavaliers the rest, incidently they both ADORE icecream.

So in one day I have managed to encourage my children in the belief that a McFlurry is a suitable reward,  fed my darling Cavaliers completely empty calories and made more excuses to myself about bad food choices than Kevin Rudd did about mining taxes.

I did however save myself   125 calories from that damn sundae and scored myself a free Big Mac voucher because they took more than three minutes to serve me my cup of fat - yay me!

Still under my Calorie King daily allowance.....

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