Sunday, October 3, 2010

An old post resurrected....just because!

The Treasure Box

Looks a little bit like this in my imagination.

It sits at the back of my mind and whenever required I carefully lift the lid about an inch, hurriedly drop my latest problem or issue in it and VOILA problem gone!

Over the years I have replaced the bursting hinges, added a couple of new locks and sat on it a couple of times.

There is really some serious shit in there.

I recommend it for all of those that think things are too hard, think its all too much.

Get a treasure box fill the fucker and get on with it.


Liz said...

Trudi, what a great idea. A treasure box in your mind....I love that idea. I think I might use it to help me lock away some things temporarily. Sometimes things just get too much, so to lock away something for a week might be nice.

Thanks for reading my blog and for the very kind, helpful comments!! I've just got home from the dinner - DELICIOUS. The risotto was amazing, but I couldn't even eat a quarter of the size, so I got it to take home. I'll have a yummy lunch tomorrow!!

Liz xx

Liz said...

P.s. would love to see your week by week photos. My email is

Outback Bandit said...

Hi Trudi

Thanks for stopping by my blog

Im off to read your blog now :)

Can you please email me the password to your photo's? Im going to do something similar with mine...