Sunday, April 6, 2008

The things I know 1-10

Ten things I know

1. My children love me to the moon and back

2. My dreams only become reality with hard work

3. I worry far too much about what others think about me

4. My family is here and now not there and then

5. I am far too indulgent to ever be a size 10

6. My $30 eye cream isn't going to provide the miracle I want

7. I am slightly OCD in certain areas

8. I hate cigarette smoke so much it amazes me that I was ever a pack a day girl

9. My husband will never ever completely understand me, I think thats why he hangs around - for the challenge

10. I don't blog as much as I should

What are the ten things you know?

Go on try it on your blog and leave me a comment so I can have a look.


T said...

Great idea Trudi, I just did mine. I think my ee cream has the same problem as yours :(

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

I love the comment about your old smoking habit and now being an anti smoker. I too used to be a pack a day girl and since quitting I'm a smoke nazi, hate it!

I love the 10 things idea, am goung to sit down and do it tonight.


Kaz said...

Hi Trudi..Great idea.Have just done mine too

Lynda said...

Hmm some good thoughts there.. I think being loved to the moon and back makes up for shonky eye cream anyday.

kristen said...

Great blog. Will do mine tomorrow.