Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Friggin Fuck It's PMT

I am not very good with PMT.

I am the first to admit it and my long suffering husband is usually the first to notice it (though the der shit he is he actually thinks it is funny to annoy me at this sensitive time in my life).

You would think that somehow I could control this inner demon, but seriously I just can't by the time I realise I have been completely unreasonable, argumentative and a true bitch for three days or so the worst is over and I, once again, have become the loving mother and wife (hehe sort of anyway).

Clearly this means I may have exposed my children to a complete lack of control over hormones, which is probably fine if you don't have LOTS of girls.

As they get older it is becoming more and more apparent that they suffer from the same lack of control over these strange hormones that I do.

Or is it that they have had a dismal example to follow and think moaning, bitching, crying and sooking for three days a month is normal behaviour.

Whatever the answer it scares me.

What if because of this I can't marry them off?

What are the chances of finding FIVE dumb guys who don't notice until its to late, and they are already sucked in for life like my DH?


Emma-Kate Castricum said...


I'm sorry I know this is meant to be semi serious but I find you hilarious! I'm sure you will find 5 blind to pmt men for your girls, I found one so it cant be all that hard.
My hubby wasn't really all that close to his sisters so had no idea what he was in for until just before our wedding when I had pmt and wedding stress. It's been 10 yrs now and he's still around so i guess they learn to live with it and have an extra beer or 2 that couple of days a month when I'm unbearable.
ps, is DH dear husband or major D*ck head, most of the time mine's the later!

Anonymous said...

LOL Trudi - it worked out for Mrs Bennet in Pride and Prejudice! Don't forget - they are actually gorgeous girls (and you will be such a great - and grateful - MIL!!!)

Kate - tomtomsmum

Georgie said...

Oh sorry I'm laughing here too, you're one step ahead of me I NEVER admit to PMT to Nick, him and the world in general just have this habit of shitting me off completely a couple of days a month.
And don't worry about marrying off your daughters, dumb guys are heaps easier to find than smart ones I reckon :)

Kaz said...

Oh Trudi..How funny.God help your hubby if all you girls get the timing in sync