Monday, January 7, 2008

A Poem From My Sarah Bear


My little (well maybe not so little anymore) angel Sarah Bear wrote this for me and emailed it to me while I was at work today.

I was a little teary eyed!

My Mum
By Sarah Davidson

The only person I could trust with any secret,
The one who doesn't mind if I snot on her top,
She is so understanding, so caring, so loving,
Accepts me just the way I am,
She manages to keep her head high through any trouble
Fights till she wins our arguments
It makes me proud to watch her play netball
To know after all these years I have taught her something
After the millions of things she has taught me
Her smiles make me smile
Her laugh makes me laugh
When her lip twitches when you think you in so much trouble
So much trouble you feel you broke her heart
You know that she still loves you,
That she will always love you,
That you can never truly disappoint her
Because no matter what I do
She is always so proud of me
Through the amount of times I have messed up
I know she will always be with me
Threw everything last year,
I have learnt she is the one person
That will never ever give up on me
For that I question God
Why did you bless me with her?
Why did you bless us with her?
Why not all those other children?
Whose parents fail to provide
Our mum never fails
We know we can always count on her
We know she will always love us
And we can pray she knows how much we
Love her
Need her
Respect and cherish the moments we have with her.
We love you. Xx


Georgie said...

Oh my, how beautiful! I bet that brightened up the first day at work Trudi!

T said...

That is just so beautiful!! What beautiful and talented daughter you have :)