Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Its So Quiet You Could

Hear a pin drop!

I kid you not. The three younger girls are away at camp, Sam is at work and Sarah is out with a friend. I can hear the water fill in the washing machine over in the laundry, I can hear the soft whir of the computer ticking over. It is soooooo strange!

The younger girls get home on Friday morning and boy that will be nice, I miss them terribly. It has been Emily's first trip to camp and I was so worried about her and then so very proud that she didn't ring home on the first night wanting to be picked up. Just because she has rung twice a day since then just means I am the most adorable mother in the universe - YEAH its my tiara to wear this week baby!

Back to the whole idea of school holiday camps. My girls love it, the twins seem to see it as a big time out from the hassles of family life (yeah to be 10 again huh), they don't have to face doing the dishes every third night or cleaning their room. Sadly for them this time they still have that one little annoying sister there but from what I understand they have adopted her out to potential new siblings.

Its a very cheap camp in my opinion $85/child for 5 nights, compare that to our usual daycare bill of $30-35/child PER DAY and you can soon see the savings ching ching chinging!

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