Monday, January 14, 2008


I am going slightly mad, crazy, mad.

Danielle is pregnant...........yes, baby number two, at the ripe old age of 20 to daddy number two.

I mean who does she think she is Fucking Britney Spears? (Sorry Brit I know it was just K Fed wasn't it, and I truly hope you do feel better soon.)

I think this eldest child of mine was delivered by a stork on freaking LSD clearly the stupid bird lost its way and gave me the wrong bundle.

Oh it was an a c c i d e n t mum, OMG PLEASE, just how many accidents do these young girls think we are going to believe?

Seeing as I went WITH HER and saw that 3 year implant go in the first time, and then there was no implant and Beth, leads me to believe my daughter believes I am seriously stoopid.

AND NOW we have baby number two on its way a year later?

Another a c c i d e n t ?????

I don't think so.


Georgie said...

I'm thinking my MIL should be pretty happy right about now she was spinning with a son......
I don't know what to say anymore (world first lol), but we're here for you xxx

Vanessa and Kara said...

Thinking of you T.....


Trudi said...

Oh gosh yes Georgie a boy would be well same problems but not THAT one! (Hopefully) I was speechless too!

Thanks V - crazy isn't it.