Sunday, January 27, 2008

So how do you......

Manage to work full time and manage four children? How in the world do you manage to find time? These are questions I am often asked and generally I meet them with a bit of confusion as I don't think there is anything special about what I do.

So how DO you manage an evening meal when you work all day a friend at work asked me last week.

Well you keep it simple and you teach your kids to cook at a young age.

Each week we create a shopping list based on a set menu for the week, all of the meals are very easy to throw together in less than 30 minutes or they utilise the slow cooker.

This is just so important when I don't get home till 5.15pm and we have netball/dance/gym or swimming to attend.

As Sam is away with work this week it is a very kid friendly menu. If he was home it would no doubt be razzed up a bit, but he of course would be home to cook it!

This week its:

Monday - Roast Chicken, Chips and Salad
Tuesday - Curried Sausages, Creamy Mash and Steamed Vegies
Wednesday - Spaghetti Boloagnaise with a side salad & garlic bread
Thursday- Tuna Morney
Friday - Help Yourself Night
Saturday - Potato Bake and a side salad
Sunday - Taco's

We ALWAYS eat at the table during the week now, its an opportunity to catch up on the days events and spend some extra time together.

It also means food can be served in central plates/bowls for everyone to help themselves.

My girls are old enough to be sensible in their selections, although I do still need to urge Jessica to have a little more salad or veggies.

The twins at 10, are quite capable of preparing Tacos for dinner, or making the side salad. While Sarah at 14 will happily cook any of the meals on our menu this week.

Taco's or wrap nights are always a favourite!



Lynda said...

You are wonder woman! Either I need more children or I have to get a cook.. well I am in Egypt.. so the cook is cheaper and I can send him/her home when they get on my nerves... hard to send the kids home!

Vanessa and Kara said...

Mmmmmm ~ that looks yummo Trudi!!!!!