Friday, January 18, 2008

Sarah's Netball

There was major excitement here just before Xmas when Sarah received a letter from Netball Tasmania saying she had been selected for a Regional Academy Scholarship

Click the link to read all about it and see her name (and others) up in lights!

The selection day was very long and involved hours of drills and games.

As the selectors where from TIS and Netball Australia, they didn't know any of the girls, so each and every one of the girls know they have been selected based on the natural skills ability and potential they displayed.

Its going to be a VERY busy and exciting year I think.

Not only will she have her Regional Academy commitments she will be playing school netball on Saturdays, Club Netball Monday and Wedensday not too mention she is the Netball Co-ordinater for Leighlands Christian School next year for one possibly two teams which will involve one night training and coaching on Saturdays.

I am exhausted just thinking about it all, and think it sounds an awful lot for your average nearly 15 year old to take on.

But she loves netball, it is her passion and I am forever grateful she has found, at such a young age, something that she truly loves and is committed to.

Over summer she has followed a sensible healthy eating plan and trained to improve her overall cardio fitness all by herself.

I of course have been watching like your typical neurotic mother to make sure she hasn't gone overboard, and can happily say she certainly hasn't, she is just being extremely healthy

I can barely haul my fat butt to the gym three days a week and have more bad days with food than I do good.

I am a little bit surprised by all of this because it can mean only one thing.

Maybe she gets this from her father?????

Is it possible that I really only gave her beauty and brains?

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Vanessa and Kara said...

LMFAO at "Is it possible that I really only gave her beauty and brains?"......

As I've already said to you, this is just fantastic and her achievments, in part, are a reflection of how committed to your kids you are.

Well done Sarah!!!!