Monday, January 14, 2008

Mouth From The South

That is my Emily. You know after she was born I promised her I would look after her and make sure that as the youngest of five sisters that she didn't get overlooked.

Ha! I needn't of bothered, this girl came out with her arguments ready.

She has her hair tossing, door slamming indignant attitude finely tuned thank you very much.

Her super brat stare reduces her Dad to Jelly faster than me draining the savings account can.

Tonight they had an argument, I can't even really remember what started it, all I know is when miss nearly nine batted her baby blues and said:

' Well I DID say sorry Dad, and I think you REALLY must have heard me because I was right up close to your ear and everything'

I walked away with my smile firmly out of view lest I get into trouble.

I believe Emily has won another round because she is sitting up watching tv eating an ice block and poor Dad has gone to bed!